Naruto:Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

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I have an update that Darui is now playable in Storm 3 with Bee and Susano Sasuke in it.The Story will start a flashback of Kurama The Nine-Tails and Minato vs Tobi fight.Then the real story would began after the Kage meeting in the Five Kage Summit arc to the Fourth Shinobi war Arc.It would have the third hokage in his youthful appearance and Kurama Boss Fight.The Game will be released next year 2013.It would also have costume changes.

Naruto Vol. 57 US (Jul 2012)
Naruto Vol. 57 US (Jul 2012)

Now Tell me...Are you hyped?

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Ugh why do I keep buying these games. Oh yeah, because they're actually pretty good. I was kinda disappointed with Generations because it's story mode kinda sucked, especially after the really awesome story mode of UNS2. Hopefully UNS3 goes back to 2's style.

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They're good games but I refused to be generations because it was pretty much the exact same as ninja storm 2 but with a couple new characters. They didn't even change any of the moves.

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I've bought the other three, so sure I'll get this.

I hope the sound ninja 4 are playable this time though. support only characters was a dumb idea.

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@Whitelock: This follows up the Five Kage to shinobi war arc but if they added a new then I sure the sound four will be playable.

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I've tried playing these games time and time again but I just can't get into them. The combat is too basic. I think Naruto would fit better as a more strategic game since in the show, there are squads and people almost always go into a situation with a lot of planning and tactics (more akin to old school Rainbow Six than a fighter)... but if you're going to make it into a fighting game, you've got to have more than just one button combat.

These games are pretty fail fighting games outside of graphics. I think the Wii/Gamecube series was the best Naruto fighting game and even the busted/broken Ubisoft 360 ones were better fighters than the Ninja Storm line. Great graphics though. I'm always impressed by that.

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