My favorite TV Animae

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In no particular order

Planetes (i have always had a weakness for sci fi having cut my gums off such novels as The Triffids & foundation)

Deathnote (indulges my inner Sherlock Holmes)

Last Exile ( like coming home to an old friend brilliant beutifull funny heart warming)

Robotech (includes all the spin offs & battletech ^_~) ( Robotech is the definitive space opera hands down)

Cowboy beebop ( you instantly develop a fondness with these wonderfully written & drawn characters. it is the benchmark for animae)

Hellsing ( a good horror story blown out of all sense of proportion by taking the concept of vampire to it's extreme limits & beyond)

Ganzt ( this was a really great i mean really)

Heroic Age ( i like my space operas what can i say & this was an absolute hidden gem of a find, not as popular as most but well worth it)

Black Lagoon (took me a couple of episodes to warm up to it as I'm a hard core sc fi fantasy fan but warm up to it i did. It's brilliant)

Ergo proxy ( I fell in love with this concept from the very beginning, this is one to watch as it only got better)

Samurai Champloo ( again took me a while to get in to it but it was so worth it well done )

Afro Samurai ( REALLY Great fight scenes art & style thats about it there is no story or character development, i don't think the creators cared for it)

Time of Eve (eve no Jikan, i loved this idea from the start it's a warm beautiful piece of work)

Honey & clover ( another warm quirky piece of anime with tons of heart i liked it a lot )

Full Metal Alchemist ( well done good art nice story, just not into it expected more from all the hype people made about it, maybe I'm jaded as Ive seen everything FMA had to offer before )

Elfen Lied ( again i expected more from all the hype people made about it none the less i thought it was well done & a bit creepy in a fetish sort of way, sometimes a chore to watch )

Neon Genesis Evangelion ( so much hype about this i didn't really see it as a shining example , i thought it was all right good even the art was great but everything else including the story was a little bland like a meal with out flavor)

Metocalypse ( well i put this in because I'm a heavy metal fan & it's the funniest thing Ive ever seen.)

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We already have a thread for this (also you can just make a list)

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