More Fighting Librarians and Cross-Dressing Boys

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Have I teased you into thinking that second seasons of Toshokan Sensou (Library Wars) and Princess Princess are in the works?

'Cause they're not!
No, the fighting librarians in this case are the stars of Tatakau Shisho to Koisuru Bakudan, or Fighting Librarians and the Beloved Bomb, a novel series that Ultimatum reports is getting an anime adaptation this fall. An official splash page is set to open on July 10th, when we'll doubtless get considerably more information. Cast lists are also reportedly due soon.

As for the cross-dressing boys, well, that's probably going to be more exciting than Princess Princess to some of you (and less to others, by which I mean Rathany): it's Kuroshitsuji, featuring the young and frequently frilly-dress-wearing Ciel Phantomhive. (And frequently-cosplayed, I might add!) A second season of the anime is set to go, so sayeth 2ch.

Good times all aorund! I'm particularly looking forward to Tatakau Shisho-- if only in the absence of more Toshokan Sensou.
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Fighting librarians sound okay, but I'm more interested in demon butlers and traps.
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Can't we have a show with both?

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@ganchan: Now there's an idea!
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waitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwait wait wait......


How is this possible? The first season ENDED everything, how can one come back after everything is wrapped up?
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@darkcyder: That was an anime original ending. The manga is still ongoing, meaning that this second season may follow more closer to the manga. (The inclusion of the circus arc. I'm sure it's not called that but whatever.) The anime strayed from the mangas path I believe after the encounter with Grell.
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