Mirai Nikki Anime and Censorship?

Topic started by thehummingbird on Nov. 24, 2011. Last post by Yuno_Shiki 3 years, 3 months ago.
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DOes anyone know if an uncensored version will be released? I personally am getting tired of all the gore and missing body parts being censored...

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When the series has finished airing the blu-rays will likely be free of haze, bloom lighting and all the other tricks used to censor anime for broadcast TV these days. With shows that run longer than a single season, they sometimes start releasing the BDs before the conclusion. I think this show is supposed to run 26 episodes so sometime next year the first discs should start showing up on Japanese store shelves.

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All of these series air on TV where there are standards and things that you just can't show. The disc release is unlikely to have these edits.

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Is AT-X also getting into the habit of censoring material now? I know content standards on Japanese TV have gotten tighter in recent years. But I recall AT-X being notable for showing uncensored versions of anime whereas most networks in Japan censored anime to a degree if content got too explicit.
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@Dream: As far as I remember, the recent laws that were passed (or were going to be passed, I don't remember well enough) only covered things like lolicon and shotacon and the like, I don't think it has anything to do with that. It probably was AT-X's own decision.

@thehummingbird: It won't take long before the blu-rays come out so you could just wait if you're not liking it.

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Bluray releases start after approximately 13 episodes have aired on TV first. They will be uncensored... usually, and given the progress of the series expect it to be another month or so before the first 2 uncensored episodes are out at least

Keep in mind however changes aren't always limited to decensoring violent content, they can also involve adding new scenes, or more subtle character pose changes, but obviously this isn't always the case.

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