Lucky Star Shrine Hits the Streets

Topic started by GodLen on Sept. 3, 2009. Last post by dina1999_12 3 years ago.
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I knew Lucky Star was popular, but I didn’t expect it to be paraded down the street like some kind of new deity! Japan Probe found this video of the Lucky Star mikoshi (portable shrine) that took to the streets in the washimiyamachi festival last year. This festival will take place on September 6th, so hurry up to Japan so you can see the new Lucky Star mikoshi.

Supposedly, this brand new shrine will have up to 30 characters on it and have other ‘mods’ that make the entire shrine weigh about 250 kilograms. I didn’t even know Lucky Star had 30 characters to put on it, maybe they will borrow some from Haruhi or something. I do enjoy this, but I would rather have other anime characters deified, like Kamina, Shinji, Rock Lee, or Tatsuhiro Satō.
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Never know lucky star was that popular but that's great it's really nice
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