Lucky Star OVA DVD to retail @ 14.98

Topic started by paploo on April 21, 2009. Last post by Gundampilotspaz 5 years, 10 months ago.
Post by paploo (48 posts) See mini bio Level 2 Nice Bandai! Looks to be Hybrid to, so we'll get a dub. It's not as cheap as Bandai's releases of Galaxy Angel S and Mave-Chan, which were both 9.99, but at 60 minutes it's twice as  much content, so not too shabby. I'd love to see more lower priced one or two episode OVA releases of this sort from Bandai and others, which makes a nice, cheap quick fix compared to collecting assorted TV volumes or an expensive boxset. Even though I haven't bought or even seen Lucky Star, I'll probably be buying this.
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I see little, to no point picking this up if you haven't seen the Lucky Star anime series before. It's basically more of the same with an increase in cosplay. I look forward to eventually being able to pick it up.
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Since it's based on a gag manga, and doesn't seem to have a bigger overall story, I dunno, it might be worth checking out to get a taste of the main series, like a movie version or an OVA usually is.  I'm wierd for enjoying just leaping into stuff and having no issues with random getting a middle or later volume of a series I find for cheap.
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I guess cheapness is okay but... the OVA basically gives what the fans want. If you watch the OVA before the series, you'll miss the little detailed things Kyoto added to please fans from the series.

But the OVA as a standalone can give you a grasp preview  of the series I guess. It'll give you the basic personalities of each character and how random the show can get. If you just read this site's wiki page on it, you can see that there's really random parts that don't intertwine.
Post by paploo (48 posts) See mini bio Level 2
I've mostly only seen the trailers, though I've watched a ton of anime [I'm at around 970 dvd/vhs], so I'm guessing I won't have any issues with any of the jokes in it, or the randomness [if I can find Elf Princess Rane coherent, I think I'll be okay]. You guys are making a 4Koma adaption sound way more complicated than it should be ^_^
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I thought the OVA was fantastic. It was funny, gave a wide variety of different stories that used the characters well, and made my geeky side feel all warm and fuzzy. However, I don't know if it's the best way to get someone into Lucky Star. It uses a lot of the characters and inside jokes from the series and they don't use any time to try and explain the humor to fans who might have missed the series. It was made for fans of the show.
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