Looking for some horror/dark/action anime to watch?

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Hi, I'm looking for some good horror/dark anime to watch, something with gore maybe. I'll leave it to you guys to tell me what to watch cause you guys are experts in this kind of thing, give me lots of options please. Thank you.

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Try Madoka, there are some creepy and dark scenes in that anime (that the only one I can think of on top of my head)

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Another - Its not horror in a scary way, but it has a nice mystery. The series does use alot of gore; episode 8 was a shocker.

Akira - You can't go wrong with a classic. Either the manga or anime is just fine, but I would go with the manga.

Death Note - While interesting at first, the show loses steam after episode 25 or 26. The show is about a guy who finds a note book that can be used to give people heart attacks and he uses this notebook to kill criminals.

Elfen Lied - I haven't watched this series to the end, but many say that it is really good. The first episode is full of nudity and even more gore. There is a point where the main character uses a headless secretary to shield herself from a barrage of bullets.

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Have you seen the DevilMan OVA's? I randomly came across them on youtube and I thought they were quite good, especially as I am not a fan of horror/dark anime.

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Gungrave and Claymore immediately come to mind. I second Another and Elfen Lied as well.

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I'm liking Elfen Lied only watched the first episode, really liked the beginning. Gonna try to look at the rest of the suggested animes too. I didn't like what I saw of Madoka, I like the atmosphere in it but not the anime girls with their naked transformations. Gungrave and Claymore look awesome on the pages on the website. I should of probably given more detail on what I like, but these sound awesome so thank you all for your suggestions, I'll have what to watch for now, and I know what to look for.

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I'm liking Elfen Lied

The main character is 80% nude in Elfen Lied. But Madoka don't really show nothing in there transformation (also they don't really transform that much anyway)

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I'm currently watching Deadman Wonderland (at funimation.com). It's alright. Sort of like a summer action movie. It reminded me of Death Race, some gore and violence. Pretty easy to watch, good animation.

Elfen Lied is really great. I think of the anime suggested so far Elfen Lied is the most 'psychological horror'.

Madoka and Death Note aren't really horror. Madoka is a magical girl anime with darker twists. Death Note is a really great psychological thriller.

If you're thinking of checking out a really good psychological horror movie I can highly recommend Perfect Blue.

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It's not horror in the classic sense, but if you want dark I suggest Kaiji. It has a unique art style, but the subject matter is the hook. It's about a guy who gets pulled into the underworld of "death games" where players literally bet their lives on the outcome of games of chance. One of the most intense, suspenseful animes I've ever seen. It was never licensed so you'll have to hunt it down. Another older series that's bleak is Galaxy Express 999 from 1978. It's the story of a young boy who is traveling across space to get an artificial body for himself. With is companion, a willowy blonde, he has a new adventure at each train stop along the way. And 90% of those tales are somber, sorrowful tragedies. Excellent storytelling though. You can catch that one on Crunchyroll or Hulu, I think. I found much of Black Lagoon to be rather dark, as well. It has lots of action, but many of the story arcs are about the worst elements of humanity. Finally there are Shiki and Blood+ if you like vampire stories. You can watch both on the Funimation website.

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You may very well like GE999, but it certainly won't be because it's a dark, action, horror series. It's pretty goofy on a regular basic and when it's serious, it's usually pretty hammy, over the top, and clear cut pushing a political agenda. Additionally, it's extremely repetitive. I'm barely half-way through the 113 episode series and there's only really about 3 storylines that keep getting used over and over and over again.

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You can try Hellsing...
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I'm watching Aoi Bungaku at the moment, I finished Elfen Lied and Another. Another was amazing, best anime I've watched. Akira was also amazing if I would of watched that as a kid it would of probably exploded my mind.

Aoi Bungaku is kinda like Twilight Zone, different stories every couple of episodes, the second story is kind of weird cause they use some chibi stuff and also it's set in old times (I don't know the right time frame) but in like one scene dudes pull out cell phones and take pictures, I know it's made as a joke but it's weird.

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I really enjoyed Ghost Hunt, it becomes more and more interesting as the show progresses. The characters are well made and plenty of scenes leave you on your toes.

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Dude i got an anime you will love mirai nikki and d gray man it fits what you are looking for and one of my personal favorites!

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