looking for dark anime series :)

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Blood-C most bloody kinda twisted anime I have ever seen most on the blood not the twisted only a little twisted lol. But warning it will piss you off at some point. Its a part of Blood the last Vampire franchise the others in the franchise also good. 12 episodes in Blood-C.

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elfen lied, and i've heard higurashi no naku koro ni is really good

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Shin Seki Yori (From the New World) is shaping up to be a wonderfully dark series.

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Since no one else mentioned it, theres this one anime called shigurui. Its dark in a more of violent way, plenty of overly sadistic acts, nearly mindless gore, and at one point half of a guys head gets sliced off and flung onto the roof of a house. Plus its only 12 episodes, Give it a shot.

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@KingOfAsh said:


Only just noticed this post, but that art work looks amazing.

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Monster is the darkest anime I've seen.

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Or monster

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica. (DO NOT LET IT FOOL YOU!)

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Beserk- (7/10)if you do watch it, I recommend you to follow up on the manga.

Gantz- (9/10)

Corpse party ( gore infestation /10)

Welcome to the NHk - (9/10) dark, depressing, hard real life facts ...Makes anyone question & reflect on their life.

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Hokuto no Kenshiro (gore it is, but mostly action)

Chaos Ruins (I think. Maybe it's just a manga, idk, but it's good.)

Berserk (extremely extreme)

Hellsing (you know)

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