Introducing a friend and or family member to anime.

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How would you go about introducing anime to someone close to you? Would you recommend a show based on their specific taste? would you introduce them to the manga first? would you show them the movies first?

I would like to know how you would go about it.

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Invite them over and casually have one playing on the computer with the volume turned up full blast.

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For me, I would have my family member side by side by me. We'll look at a group of shows starting from what they like, a particular genre. We read the synopsis. If it looks interesting, we'll give it a try.


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@LHWKnight said:

Would you recommend a show based on their specific taste?

This is the only logical approach imo. Showing a romance show to someone who hates romance is as dumb as trying to introduce anime via a heady psychobabble series to some who judges shows and films solely based off of how many fight scenes there are.

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I actually had a weird way of "introducing" my family into anime. I put quotes around introducing is because they aren't into anime at all. But one day when I was like 8 or 9 my family and I came back from a Japanese restaurant and we were talking about zodiac signs and things of that matter. When we got home, Saint Seiya came on. It was called Knights of the Zodiac for the English Dub. And while my brother and mom were indifferent to it my dad actually found it interesting and so did I. He forgot about it some time after but that was how I introduced anime to my family. Saint Seiya ftw lol
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