I really Dislike Gundam 00

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@Ryokan: i like 00 because of the character, at last they made another competent villain
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 @cfatalis: Zeta definitely has its share of flaws, but it's stll a really good Gundam series and one of my favorites.
@Ryokan: You'll probably be bashed more by Macross fans for preferring Robotech than by Gundam fans.
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LOL !  
My bad, in my country, Macross SDF is the same as Robotech, because we had lousy TV director programmer, Southern Cross and Mospeada were almost never broadcasted, so, for me, when I say Robotech, I think Macross. 
For all Macross fan... 
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@Niko: well yes, it's good just not my favourite though
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how can you not like gundam 00  0_o
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@kira112 said:
" how can you not like gundam 00  0_o "
We've had this discussion before, but 00 has promise, but occasionally just wanders around without any place or purpose. The way season 1 ended, and season 2 began pissed me off to no end.
As, they killed piles of characters, changed more (like removing the twin personalities in what's his face) and like... none of them stuck. Heck, they even introduce the twin brother (who is also a sniper) to just flatly replace lock-on. It was cheap, and a relatively un-enjoyable continuation of the story.
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I didn't really enjoy Gundam 00 all that much, there were some parts i enjoyed but for the most part it was a "meh" series for me, which sucks because i tend to really enjoy the Gundam series'.

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For some reason i dont like any Gundam. Its something i should like but it doesnt seem to click for me.
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@wwfunderaker said:
" For some reason i dont like any Gundam. Its something i should like but it doesnt seem to click for me. "
I bet there's "a" gundam out there for you, since they tend to be quite varied in style and tone. Though I won't force you to try and find it.
Yeah, I wanted to like 00, and parts worked, but as a whole it left a real sour taste.
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gundam 00 is my seacond favorite anime!!!
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Eh there is Gundam then there is ..... uh those other Gundam.  Mobile Suit Gundam, Zeta Gundam, 08th MS Squad, Gundam UC are all in the same world and form a continuous story or at least one that is coherent and makes sense.  But G Gundam... uh it is just G Gundam any attempt to mash it to another Gundam series is just plain silly.  Me personally I like most Gundam series ok but I never really enjoyed Wing all that much to be honest, Double 00's first season was fairly weak as well but it picked up and did ok in season 2.  Yeah I liked G Gundam though as well hahahaha, other than that Shining Finger, like that was truthfully the best name for the move they could come up with?
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Gundam 00 is flat out horrible from the respect of being a Gundam show. This especially applies to the second season. Every Gundam series that start out with a set goal at the beginning usually managed to progressively move towards it, even if the goal itself shifted for justifiable reasons throughout.
Gundam 00 however, does not. It sets the goal of ending all wars. Ok, good, they even have them do some initial confrontations with some of the major factions to get the swords rattling against them in unity. However, almost as soon as season 2 started, (and semi-evident in season 1) they all of a sudden get sidetracked. "Oh so and so got captured, gotta rescue him, Oh this weapon is too powerful gotta destroy it first, crap now we're getting our asses kicked yet we still manage to have new bases NO ONE ever mentioned till now purely so we don't die right away"...... then in the last 2-3 episodes, I could hear that dumbass director go "Oh crap! We forgot to have them accomplish world peace! crud! what do we do! Ummm.... come up with something fast!", and considering there's an entire ocean between us, that's pretty impressive. Point is, Gundam 00 had about as much direction as a long running shounen show like Bleach or Naruto in the end, and I swear if another person makes a comparison of it saying it's like Wing I will hang them by various organs from a street lamp and proceed to stab them with a rusty steel-tipped Gundam marker.
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@HeeroYuy: eh ? not really there are way worse gundam show if you count all of them into one, 00 is pretty nice compared to them
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@cfatalis: Victory wasn't as bad as 00, and that says enough. Granted, no Gundam series is worse than GSD, even 00, but everyone already knows that.
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@HeeroYuy: no, not victory, victory is okay
i am talking about those novel/crappy manga series
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Most Gundam series that aren't in the original UC timeline aren't that good as I've come to notice. The original, zeta, 08ms, and 0800 are the only decent one's(With the Original, zeta and 08ms being the best). 
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@cfatalis: Oh, well, yeah, Gundam manga pretty much all sucks in general (with the only exception being Ecole du Ciel, in a slightly ironic sense). The novels though? It depends upon which ones you're talking about.
Thus you should be considered a UC Gundam purist. This is neither good nor bad (however if you were a C.E. purist then I'd be worried ;D )
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@HeeroYuy: well not all of them suck, the crossbone that is non skull heart is quite good
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@HeeroYuy: Agree the second season's direction was downright horrible and generic. It lost all its uniqueness it had.
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@cfatalis said:

" @Niko: yes it is a master piece even when i like an anime , i always try really HARD to found the bad part and i only found little to no , which is in somewhat idiotic camille in the beginning, then he begin to actually show how his piloting style is which is "lockon the first"  style, then he managed to be outright awesome by RAMMING The O "

Then your not trying let's run through them , it's a  pretty good series, with excellent animation, really great battle sequences, and an amazing subplot involving Minerva Zabi, but the main plot is a mess..
1.  The Titans are nothing more than the SS in space.  Ttheir entire purpose is to be as evil as possible, they receive no real developement, nor are they interesting as people.  Overall they are one of the weaker villains and receive a fraction of the development that the Zeon did in MSG. 
2.  Good God is the Earth Federation stupid in this show.  They not only staff an entire army with a bunch of psychos they then precede to give the psychos control of everything.  Imagine if a General preceded to kill the entire population of Phoenix.  The Government than excuses the General of any wrong doing and then precedes to give him control of the entire army.  At which point the General then kills the entire population of Atlanta and Boston.  Theirs a reason why the Zeon are more popular then the Earth Federation and this shows the reason. 
3.  The main rival for most of the series, Jerid is a horrible pilot, the whole thing eventually gets to the point where they start killing each other's girlfriends.  It got so bad that Tomino just created a new character to be the final boss, and had Jerid die a pathetic death.

4.  Reccoa Londe.  I mean wow their is character derailment and then their is the borderline misogynistic plotline of Reccoa, where she get's slapped, turns evil, and then dies while basically saying that women are weak.  
So while it's a good series, it's certainly not the masterpiece that was MSG, G Gundam, or Turn A Gundam.   Which sports better villains, great battle sequences, and really good character development.  Personally I blame Tomino's breakdown for the failure as it prevented him from giving the main villains any depth that his known to.  He was just to depressed to ever use his full abilities.

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