i need help remembering anime

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sry about asking but this is one anime i havent been able to find in months.

Its about a kid who has this magic vacuum that is able to collect these magic orbs (these orbs have numbers on them) around various places. Each orb has a different attribute, for example one episode i remember, the kid finds a green orb within a funnel of wind, and when he gets its, he has the power to use that wind later on. I last saw this anime around 2002-2004 in korea (yet it was english dubbed...odd). The background according to what i remember has this cartoony medieval feel to it. I remember that on the first episode, supposedly an adult was supposed to receive the vaccum but somehow the vacuum went to the kid and somehow the kid was running on top of the water and got a cold because of it (yea i have no idea how this kid got a cold without submerging himself with water, it doesnt make sense). Anyways thats all i remember...can someone plz help?

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Maybe it's yaiba

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i thought about yaiba but the problem is in yaiba, the kid has a sword, but i clearly remember a vacuum so yea....

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