Hunter X Hunter (Nen) v.s. Naruto Akatsuki (Chakra)

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Post by Zechs017012580 (12 posts) See mini bio Level 3

Post by Zechs017012580 (12 posts) See mini bio Level 3
I wonder if the power of Nen' s oath technique is enough to nullify chakra usage, as like of kurapika strengthen his technique or oath to nullified the nen of ryodan leader, and can Gyo or En counter a sharingan? Im not sure of this because sharingan is so strong.  And basically the speed of hunter is beyond the speed of ninja except for the yellow flash, and hunter is capable of dodging or catch not kunai but bullet even in close range as Ubon demonstrated, but im not sure if this speed or other ability can match a ninja..
For me a ninja of naruto can be so destructive many great battles happened during the episodes.
But a hunter's defense is so amazing..
A hunter is maybe destructive also as like Ubon able to create an explosion with just one basic punch or create a devastating shock-wave using only his voice, and he claim that his strongest punch can be destructive as an atomic or nuclear bomb, but this is rare in hunter x hunter, the story line is very long, many abilities have not shown yet.  Im not really sure about this.
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