How Long Have You Enjoyed Anime?

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Like many people, I started with Dragon Ball Z on Toonami when I was in elementary school. I loved the show, and made it a routine to watch the newest episode after school when it was available. I also watched much of the first generation Pokemon series, but that wasn't on Toonami as far as I remember. Since DBZ got me hooked on the block, I began watching other anime appeared on that time slot, most notably Naruto. I watched the entire original Naruto from the start, all the way to about 7 episodes after the final fight between Naruto and Sasuke at the waterfall. I couldn't stand the fillers that came after, so I eventually stopped watching. After moving to another state, I lost my routine of watching all these great shows, and eventually drifted away from anime entirely.

This hiatus lasted 8 whole years, from when I was 10 to 18 years old. However, just last year, I discovered a website called Crunchyroll, and was awed at all the anime that they had archived. I imidiately signed up for a membership, and began marathoning the last shonen series that I had given up on before my hiatus; Bleach. Previously, I had only watched up to episode directly after the Bount arc, which had been Bleach's longest streach of filler episodes in the entire series. I was determined to get through the series this time, and 3 months of marathoning later, I had succeeded in watching 319 episodes of Bleach, to the part where Aizen was defeated. Since I felt that I now enjoyed anime on the same level as before, I have been devoting these past few months to catch up on all the anime I missed in my 8 year hiatus. So far I have watched Bleach, Soul Eater, Sword Art Online, Yu Yu Hakusho, Hitman Reborn, and I am currently watching Death Note. After that, I plan to marathon Saint Seiya, which would be the last anime I need to research for a little...project I am currently working on in Flash. So yeah, that is my story in a nutshell :D.

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@Vapovile: That's a great story. I do believe a lot of peoples introduction to anime has come from a profuse love of Dragonball.

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i started waching anime in 2012, but i seen dragon ball z when i was 8 but was too young to understand much,now i am 14.

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Online Now

Pushing 12 years now from my end.

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If i remember correctly since mid 90's i think...

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