HighSchool of the Dead - To wait or Mourn?

Topic started by GrimEversor on May 4, 2012. Last post by GrimEversor 2 years, 10 months ago.
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So I am not going to lie, i haven't been a HotD fan for very long. I haven't read the manga (give me a few hours). To be Honest i am more interested in the anime, and from a hour or so of researching i can see that there is a lot of hype and questions about whether or not there is going to be a season 2. The general word yes there will be but i remain skeptical.

I have yet to see any official announcement, even on Japanese sites( Like the series publisher: Madhouse). And yes i know that there is a video at a anime expo in 2011 where the Creators panel answer with "if we have enough support" to the question to "will there be a second season"? . Frankly that is not really a answer as some have taken it. The there was a rumor that it will air in September 2011 in japan.

I was wondering if anyone can provide some enlightenment (The official kind) on this topic? Good or bads news is welcome. As long as i know i can move on with my life

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Nothing official yet. Sequels to stuff like this usually come out in two years or less. If it's been more than two years then I'd stop holding my breath for one ever coming.

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@sickVisionz thanks, I guess I will keep my eyes open for a while longer. This kind of goes off topic a bit but I noticed that the manga is at a stand still as well. Is the author just taking a break or has the manga not done well enough in order for a continuation?
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