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Hi, I am xBlazingStar94x or for short just blaze, i recently joined Anime Vice after finding it when looking at concept art and stuff. I love anime and manga! This site seems pretty cool so i thought i might as well jump in now and see what it is like considering i am such a big fan of manga! Personally, i prefer the dark manga. My favorite will defiantly have to be death note series. I watched the series first and now i am reading the manga books. By now i am sure many of my college class mates can see that, considering it is always my desktop background and love drawing L!, of course he is my favorite all time manga character!

I have heard that hellsing is meant to be a really good anime series so i plan i read and watch that. I will have to have a look in my usual place i buy manga books :)

I might as well list some other i plan to read or watch: Akira and Bleach. Now i don't think these a dark anime's that i like usually but i have heard mixed things about bleach. If you wish to talk to me about that and tell me what you think of it (if you have seen or read it) i would be happy to take and comments that you think of it or what i should be expecting. As for Akira i have been told a bit about it so i plan to see what that is like with my friend.

Anyway i can't be bothered typing loads and i really just wanted to post a blog so i think i will end this first blog right now by leaving you with a quote from death note :P

“Will you be eating that cake?...say what you want, but I will be taking the cake.”

Thanks for reading :)

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I remember I first found this community when I googling for Fairy Tail images. Now 2 years later, I made this my home for talking about anime and doing wiki projects with my teammates.

Like most Shonen shows, they're like candy. First, they are sweet and addicted, but as you keep licking, it gets stale. This is how Bleach will turn out to be. If you are going to try it, I say the first major arc will be best in Bleach. After that, beware of huge filler arcs.

I haven't tried Death Note. I never will because all the hype behind it pretty spoiled it for me. I know what happened and the surprise. Don't worry, there are tons of Death Note lovers in this community. Most of lurking like L.

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You're going to love it here. The community is really friendly, especially when you factor in that this is internet. The staff are really cool and they make videos at least once or twice per week. Not only that, we also highlight your stuff in the community spotlight, so other duders can read it.

I would stop watching Bleach after the Soul Society Arc. It takes a sharp drop in quality if you don't watch the filler arc. In its defense, the recent chapters are an improvement. However, you have to wade through two very boring arcs to get to it. Overall, I'm going to have to agree with Takashichea's assessment of the plot. If you ever wanted a picture of Bleach's plot, here it is

Otherwise, the first arcs are awesome if you like balls to the wall action. The art for the manga is good. If there is one thing Tite Kubo is good at, it's making his characters look really cool. His artwork is snazzy.

As for Akira, you might also want to check out the manga. The movie version and the manga are similar but eventually diverge in story-line. Tom Pinchuk, one of the staff members, did a review on all six novels if you want to take a look.

Death Note was a pretty cool series. You should check out Code Geass if you haven't already. The lead character is pretty similar to Light, but this one has more action to it.

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