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Topic started by Asune on Dec. 8, 2011. Last post by MohsinMan99 3 years, 3 months ago.
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I'm gonna take a look at Gintama, at the same time I'm watching Toriko, Persona 4, Fate Zero, HxH Remake and Fairy Tail

I'll pick one more series to watch at the same time.

My choices are:

Ao No Exorcist

One Piece, but is so long that I prefer to wait until FZ and P4 are finished

Saint Seiya the Lost Canvas, only if the anime is complete

Digimon Xross Wars

Kenichi's strongest disciple


Guilty Crown, I have watched three episodes and I'll say that is mid level only.

At the same time I'll be reading a manga, the time I usually spend on anime per day is from 2 to 5 episodes at most 10. And I want to enjoy at full my vacation, so I cannot watch all those at the same time

So I'll ask the public a suggestion. Consider that I prefer good plot over just shonenly violence

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I would say go watch TTGL, but it just silly fun with a little plot throw in to it

Digimon Xros Wars start out slow and kind of speed up (it a real meh show for me)

One Piece a good show (but I like the Manga better) if you like adventure (the plot usually take second seat to it)

The other ones I hardly know

But I do think you should check out Mahou Shoujo Madoka, it seem to me that you would like it

You like Toriko? I never got into it

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@Destinyheroknight: I'm not a big fan of shoujo

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Well it is a Seinen series (it pretty dark) Its a deconstruction of Magical Girl

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@Destinyheroknight:In that case, it sounds interesting, anyway it won't be a priority now. How bout the characters are they good?

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They pretty good

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I'd suggest TTGL as well since it's different than everything you're currently watching and it's one of those "A-List" shows you should see if for nothing else than to get it out of the way. Since you're already watching Gintama, Fairy Tail and Toriko, I'd hold off on One Piece since those three probably fill your action-adventure-comedy quota right now. Besides, Fairy Tail is a lot like OP, just not as good (my opinion). OP is a beast though since it's up to something like 525 episodes. Kenichi is good, but I'd check it out after you're done (or up to date) with the others.

If you're looking for something with a good plot and "shonenly violence", I'd suggest Gun X Sword. You can check it out on the Funimation website and around the internet.

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Definitely TTGL, it's not overlong and it's tons of fun.

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TTGL for one. I'm going to watch that too! I just watched some episodes of it but I'll be watching the whole lot after exams.

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