Help! Me find an anime movie I watched as a kid maybe in the 90!

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(((((((((((((((((HELP))))))))))))))))))) I can't find a movie I wach when I was a kid. I think around the first time I watched Akira. I don't remember much but I'll try and explain what I do. I remember a part where their is a girl ( half or full robot/cyborg/android) and another boy I think she likes. He at one stage is killed some how and she attaches herself to his head or something to keep him alive? Also I remember a part where he is running up these Hugh cables or pylons on an angle that look like they are supporting a city in the sky, kinda over the old city. And these metal rings with spikes come flying down the huge ropes or pylons and the boy jumps one and is hit by another? Cutting his foot off I think? Man I was young but for some reason I've always remembered.
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If your topic is about an anime film, it goes into the Just Anime forum. General Discussion is for topics that cover both anime and manga while it cannot be tied down to a single wiki page.

As for your request, are you sure it's an anime film? In the past, I seen requests from new users who found out it wasn't an anime or an anime film.

I haven't seen a lot of anime movies being a new anime fan. Hopefully, someone can help you.

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Are you kidding? This one is easy enough.

Battle Angel or Battle Angel Alita


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