Haibane Renmei anyone else seen? What did you think?

Topic started by zaldar on Nov. 29, 2010. Last post by thekokapelli 3 years, 6 months ago.
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So this has to be one of my favorite animes if not the best anime ever made.  I mean it is such a moving spiritual story but you also get moe, great characters, interesting slice of life, BEAUTIFUL artwork and music that is amazing.  Really the only thing missing is action (and there is none of that).  It seems though to be really not well known...but it needs to be!  So anyone else seen it what did you think lets talk about how wonderful it is!
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I thought it was straight.  I saw it around the same time as Gunslinger Girl and if I had to choose one show to watch to get my moe school girls who seem happy but actually have some dark secret that tortures them on an emotional level-fix, I'd probably go for GG.  For kids in a countryside town growing up in a coming-of-age/slice-of-life story with a lot of heart, I'd rather watch Erin.  HR never turned me off with anything nothing it did really grabbed my attention either.  Solid show though.  I'd give it 3-3.5/5 stars.  It usually gets mentioned along with shows like Now and Then, Here and There, but I think it's infinitely better than that series.  

@zaldar said:
" It seems though to be really not well known...but it needs to be! "
I doubt the general public or someone new to anime is aware of it, but it's pretty well known for fans of a certain age group or with more anime watching experience.  I think the type of fan who is aware of shows like Noir, Paranoia Agent, Witch Hunter Robin, Lain and to a lesser extent Gunslinger Girl are probably aware of HR.
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The great thing about HR though is it doesn't have the violence of gunslinger girl and honestly I can't see how you can like that better...the religious aspects of HR make it so much more meaningful...never seen Erin what is that one about?
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Nor is it as mind screwing as Serial Experiments Lain, especially when you take in account Haibane Renmei was made by the same folks that did Lain. :P
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One of the things I liked about Haibane Renmei is that unlike shows such as Utena, RahXephon, Wolf's Rain, etc., you can shrug off all of the symbolic aspects and still enjoy the story. It's also not like Evangelion or Lain where you know there's this philosophy being shoved down your throat; I prefer the subliminal approach because it's more rewarding and much harder to do. At first I thought the characters were kind of forgettable, but the friendship between Rakka and Reki was really captivating, and the characterization was subtle but strong. I'm not sure how heavily based in Christianity it was, but I loved the themes about forgiveness, flight, and freedom. The bird and cardinal direction imagery was really well done as well. I need to revisit the show; I've only seen it once and it's worth a second look.

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