Guinevere and the Jewel Riders + Neopets = Jewel Pet

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Jewel Pet at Toy Forum '09
Jewel Pet at Toy Forum '09
Jewel Pet,” an up-and-coming social networking service for girls in Japan, is now being developed into an anime, according to SaiAni. The anime was announced at the recent Toy Forum '09, where co-creators Sanrio and Sega had a bunch of Jewel Pet toys and the website on display.

In the interest of research (and certainly not because I secretly have a five-year-old's love for adorability), I went to try and check out the Jewel Pet website.Unfortunately, you can't register unless you have purchased some of the Jewel Pet swag, apparently. Boo!

That said, the pets are, of course, a wide assortment of cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, and anything else that can be made to look precious (panda, lamb, squirrel, hedgehog...ahem). Man, I need a real pet.

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The shininess. IT BURNS.

With that said, they're adorable but I'm not one to like virtual pets. I remember in grade school loving Tamagotchi and Neopets but that's basically it. Real pets are much more lovable but they're such a hassle and expensive to take care of.
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It's just a shinier version of Neopets. I loved Princess Guenevere in the Jewel Riders with a fervor and a passion as a child--then again anything with unicorns was a win for me.
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