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We all have titles we claim we dislike or have no interest in whatsoever, but unbeknowst to others, we crave these secretly and are major fans. So my question is what are some guilty pleasure animes for you guys? The anime that you openly insult but watch when no one is around to criticize or comment on it.
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Honestly, anime as a whole is a guilty pleasure for me. I guess particularly "pleasureful" series would be K-On or any slice-of-life that involves lots of high school girls wearing short skirts.
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The most honest answer would, of course, be hentai.  It's porn, cartoon porn, "naked cartoon pussy" as is sometimes said.  Other than that I can't think of too much I'd call a "guilty pleasure."  I am a defender of harem animes and that's probably the most detested genre among the Western internet anime scene.  Even more so than the various shonen stuff which is often labeled "crap" by the elitists.  I guess you could say I usually find myself defending 99% of what I enjoy because while I like most of the accepted "good" anime, I prefer comedies and those usually fall into the categories disliked on anime forums.  What I find disquieting, is the amount of negativity found in anime circles.  Everyone hates everything and complaining is the primary means of discourse.  It can be depressing, but whenever I get too blue from reading forum threads, I can turn on something like Baka to Test to Shokanju and have a good laugh. 
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@nVision said:
" Honestly, anime as a whole is a guilty pleasure for me. I guess particularly "pleasureful" series would be K-On or any slice-of-life that involves lots of high school girls wearing short skirts. "
This...but take away the K-On! part (I hate Moe) and substitute with a extreme dose of ecchi/harem anime ( Sora no Otoshimono, Kampfer, KanoKon, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou, etc) n_n
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Guiltiest of pleasures would be just about every sports anime.  Most of the time they're by no means good.  They frequently come stock with bad pacing, inane plots, and a bland repetition within the animation.  But there's something about the firm brow seriousness of the characters in the midst of a game, the ridiculous ramp up in the skill level of antagonists, and the flashy, over-the-top sports "techniques" that make the whole package kind of endearing.  Guess I don't feel as guilty about it as I thought.  Check out my list why don't you?
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A show I am a rabid fan of  would be Strike Witches but I wouldn't let most people know that I like it because of the supposedly Lolicon elements. Another would be Koi Kaze which I thought was great but it's kind of hard to not look creepy when you're describing a story which is a (sympathetic?) portrayal of brother Sister incest. Another would be Ouran High School host Club a show I couldn't stand the first six episodes of but went back and watched episodes seven through the end and absolutely ended up loving it.
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Familiar of Zero for me. It doesn't have an original plot, it's full of fanservice but hell I like it oh so much. 
I also loved Kimi ni Todoke which is considered a shoujo anime (that means it's for girls), but I don't care much for that, don't know if others do.
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Guilty pleasures? I have a bunch of them. There's nothing I'd ever actively deny but then again, there's nothing I'd actively divulge without someone asking either.  
Queen's Blade was a series I thought I wouldn't like at all. I skimmed through the first episode and passed over the series when I first saw it. When I actually gave it a fair shot many months later I ended up marathoning the first season. It wasn't as a bad as I originally thought and actually had a pretty good OST that I would've missed out on. 
  Princess Tutu is a show that had a few hurdles for me to cross before I watched it. The name alone was a turn off. But in the end the slightly twisted fairy tale won me over.    
Hataraki Man
sounded like a boring premise. Watching a show about a female magazine editor's daily workaholic and love life didn't sound appealing but it's actually a decent show. I wish they made more episodes though.
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maria holic 
yes that thing 
and seikon no qwaser
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Haruhi Suzumiya. It gets ranted about so much, but I still like it. I want the 2nd season. Already have up to vol6 of the manga and vol3 of the Novel. But there are a lot of things. And yes, hentai is awesome, and so are Harem series like Tenchi Muyo, asu no yoichi (Samurai Harem), Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou, and various others. A number of which are actually pretty good.
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@ReiKai: wait isn't there already a second season of haruhi? the one that started with endless eight?
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My guilty pleasure anime or at least my most recent one would have to be Sekirei.  For some reason, I can help but feel that someone who reads this is telling me, "come on man.  I need more fetishy skeletons in your closet than that."  But I mean, I can't exactly imagine any of my friends getting into this show.  Sekirei has loads of fanservice and sexual content, and yet I find it good entertainment as far as fanservice shows go.  There's a plot involved and not just episodic, "get the spineless male character turned on while also beating him up to death for being a coincidental pervert" plots.  The animations are good, and best of all, the girls don't just have "T", they have "A" too!  Most of them have ass and hips to go with there upper curves. 
Actually this makes me wonder, is there exactly such a thing as a "guilty pleasure" at this point when it comes to viewing anime?  Many anime fans will watch almost anything and everything and I assume their fellow peers who are also probably anime fans wouldn't really care so much to want to discriminate them.  The only shows I can think of that would be a guilty pleasure for anime fans are either fanservice/hentai shows with the most unusual fetishes or edited dubs of shows that seemed to be hated by the general anime community.  I mean, I still like the edited, 3-part Digimon movie from back in 2000.  I still like the Dragonball Z dub despite it not meeting todays standards now.  I mean that's nostalgia!  You can't expect me to hate my own nostalgia, the parts of my more care-free lifestyle when I was a kid. 
Actually you know what, even though it has been ages since I watched it, I think I still like the Cardcaptors dub.  Heck, I know I like the Shaman King dub also because again, nostalgia.
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Riding Bean and anything involving Duke Togo. They may be incredibly stupid but THEY MAKE ME FEEL MANLY DAMN IT! 
Also Mnemosyne and Negima!
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