FUNimation Saves Our Money with S.A.V.E.

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Some time ago FUNimation had announced a new line of DVDs named S.A.V.E., and now we are blessed to find out some more information about this awesome program. Basically S.A.V.E. Which stands for “Super Amazing Value Edition” are DVDs at incredible prices. The first two complete series in the S.A.V.E. line are going to be Kanon ($29.98) and Aquarion ($29.98), both released in March. In April, four more sets will be released, which are Phantom Master ($9.48), King of Bandits Jing OVA ($9.98), Pumpkin Scissors ($29.98), and StrAin ($29.98).  
This seems to be a way for FUNimation to sell some older anime series that might not be selling as well as they should be. By throwing on a lower price point, fans who maybe passed on the series when it first came out might pick it up now that it is cheaper. What do you think?  
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I'm always a fan of cheaper (but still legal) anime!
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The only one of these I've ever heard of is Aquarion and that's because at a Q&A panel at Fan Expo 2009 Brina Palencia made a remark about how doing the dubing of Aquarion was really akward since during the show the script called for her character to make some orgasm/intense sexual pleasure noises many times and her brother just so happened to be the ADR engineer during said recordings.

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That's an awesome price for Kanon.
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That's a great price for Kanon -- I bought the singles as ADV released them, and thought it was well worth the cost.  Decent deal on Aquarion, too -- it's got a great Yoko Kanno soundtrack.
I think I'll try to pick up StrAin when the re-priced version comes out, but I already have (or have no interest in) the other SAVE titles.
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Definitely getting Kanon. 
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Finally an excuse to watch the rest of Kanon...XD;;
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How about S.A.V.E. blu-ray anime. (I'm not looking to buy any more dvds)
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Wow... I think I might buy BOTH of those series now (Kanon and Aquarion).
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Must start my anime collection.
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So do the dvds actually have that green S.A.V.E logo on the side cuz in the pictures for D.Gray-man S.A.V.E it has that

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