First v.s. Last Anime you watched.

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First: Dragonball Z 
Last: Welcome to the NHK 
Edit: @MrASSH0LE: Ok, giving our impressions of the actual anime seems like a good Idea. Dragonball Z..come on, I was a kid and they could shoot beams out of their hands, fly, destroy planets, and turn their hair blonde/ glow (sometimes electricity is in the mix too). It's the ultimate power fantasy.  There were definitely some noteworthy moments from the show though. Like Goku's "Ally to good, nightmare to you!" speech and gohan going SSJ2. Welcome to the NHK, while I wouldn't say it's as good as something like FMA brotherhood or Samurai Champloo, it definitely has a lot of interesting elements going for it. The subject matter itself is pretty fascinating. There are some strange moments here and there that sort of weird you out, but overall it's an entertaining ride. It's pretty emotional. Shows you some of the traps of life that you can fall in. 
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Does Pokemon and Digimon count?

I am doing assuming they don't


Last: Claymore

Inuyasha was too long and had too much filler and underdeveloped main characters aside from maybe Inuyasha . It was also very repetitive

Claymore started of interresting but quickly turned into something which was only decent to me with only average fights,bland characters for the most part and Raki which was an annyoing sidekick who's reasons for being so attached to Claire are never answered,I mean I know she saved him but even that has it's limits.

"The time I spent with you was the best of MY LIFE"

-Raki after 2 days of hanging out with Claire as she's barely talking to him

Although Inuyasha was boring at points I liked Inuyasha,Sesshomaru,Miroku and Sango.Claymore offered me nobody I could like.

Aside from that I am watching Steins gate which is pretty much a guaranteed a spot on my top ten after it ends.

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Aside from Pokemon and Sailor Moon.
First: Full Metal Alchemist
Bleach was my first manga, but anime wise it was probably FMA. From the start I loved the series, and although the ending (of the first one) was kinda awful compared to the real ending, I loved this anime. It was pretty amazing.
Last: No. 6
Light shounen-ai, futuristic not-so-utopia world, pretty boys, pretty girls, and convincing cross dressers. This anime is also pure awesomeness. Great story, good characters, amazing setting and not half-bad animation. Highly recommend this fantastic summer anime.
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Nice thread idea! 
First: Persona Trinity Soul  
Last: Ergo Proxy 
I was completely uninterested in anime until I saw the Persona 4 endurance run over on Giantbomb, which made me get absolutely crazy about the game. Then I played Persona 3 and found that it has an anime made after it, so out of curiosity I watched that.  
However, that anime was kinda bad; I mean the quality was pretty good but the plot was jumbled and completely messed up. However that made me curious for other anime, and someone mentioned Full Metal Panic, and after I watched that I got completely hooked on anime (FMP remains as my favorite anime series to date).  

Ergo Proxy I watched rather recently, and it is definitely among the top 10 anime I've ever seen. The atmosphere, the characters, the art -- I loved everything. I really can't find a flaw to this anime. The slow pacing might be off-putting to some, but I liked it. I'm currently watching Katanagatari, and so far it seems very promising.  
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First: Dragon Ball or Ranma 1/2


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First: Saint Seiya (With an amazing latin-american dubbing) 
Last: Dai-Guard 
I dont find great thing to compare between a Uber Hot-blooded Shonen, with character that losed galons of blood with each fight, and thanks to their armor they didnt broke any bone, against a Slice of Life, disguised as a Real Robot show, disguised as a Super Robot show, show. 
Saint Seiya holds a dear place in my heart, and fits my tastes very well (I got overly emotional when I accidentaly stumbled upon a Hades Sanctuary Chapter VHS in a comic-book store, in fact I became an active Otaku after finding that VHS and crying tears of hot-blooded manliness with the Athena Exclamation Collision and deflection) Saint Seiya is about devotion and duty, as the Saints would die for Athena, and surely cry her name while losing as much blood as tears
Dai-guard is a series that is disguised for teens, but it makes a bigger efect with young adults, as the message I got from it was that no matter what kind of job you do, if you put your heart into it (As Akagi shows you the whole series) it can make a real mark in the world, and your enthusiasm can change the whole world around you. It also haves several other themes, with the relations of the others characters and their impact on the world. 
Both series are good for romantic people (Like romaticism not romance) that can believethat anything is possible throught intense effort and sacrifice, if you are a realistic and pessimistic person you wont like this series... 
Saint Seiya wins, since I'm very biased by my nostalgy and the good memories, but if I had to reccomend a series I would say Dai-guard, a really good mecha series that was casted a shadow upon other more famous series that was at the same time (Evangelion) 
 But if you really want to see Saint Seiya, The Sanctuary chapter in Hades OVA's, the 3rd movie (The one with Abel the God of the sun) and Tenkai hen are masterpieces of shonen action. The Original series is really good if you can ignore the animation (At least until you reach Asgard Saga (A really well done filler saga) where the animation gets a little bit better
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First - Slayers

Last - Usagi Drop

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A little hard to say. The first is undoubtedly Battle of the Planets which was an English dub of Gatchaman. It set me on this road of anime obsession, but if we don't count re-edited for North American TV dubs, then the answer is either Project A-ko or the Bubblegum Crisis OVAs. I saw both at around the same time and so I can't remember which one actually came first.

The last is what I am watching right now, Maison Ikkoku. It's actually older than those two first anime titles (A-ko & BGC) mentioned above. I am totally in love with this show and it serves as another reason why I am a huge fan of Rumiko Takahashi. She also created one of my other all-time favorites, Urusei Yatsura as well as Ranma 1/2, InuYasha and Cat's Eye.

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The first was a Chinese dub of Mashin Hero Wataru back in 1990. Latest is Revolutionary Girl Utena. A combination of Wataru and Robotech was what made me fall in love with the mecha genre. Planes that turned into robots fucking blew my mind as a 3 year-old.

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First- Slam Dunk

Last: Welcome to the N.H.K

It should be no surprise why the classic basketball anime swayed me when I was a kid even though I watched the arabic dub of it with all censorship issues/name changes turned towards the maximum. However, Hanamichi's silly antics got the better of me and here started my anime journey, grabbing anything anime-related since those things were so rare then.

The latest one I watched is about the otakus in general, the NEETs(not in education, employment or training) of society, those guys that keep away from society, the socially backward denizens who we barely see getting out of their homes. It also breaks your image of "anime" being the thing in Japan. Most foreigners/people believe that Japan is their dream land where everyone would respect them since anime is so widespread/common there that they will be welcomed with open arms but alas that's not true and this anime also gives us a glimpse into the life of the general otaku/anime fans there. It's about how they are treated, the hardships they face and about life in general. Pretty emotional and a good story. Still haven't completed it so it's going pretty strong.

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First: Voltron

Last: Durarara!

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For last I'll just go with the last episode that I watched.

First: Danguard Ace (Yes, growing up you had Toonami, and I had Force Five being broadcast out of some UHF station in Dorchester, MA.)

Last: Chihayafuru

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First: Random episodes of Voltron whenever my mom was late to pick me up from daycare

Last: First episode of Usagi Drop

Voltron is ass, even for a kids show. It loses by default.

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my first was pokemon but if you dont count it ill say... Inuyasha LOL since then i liked the nekomimis and the last one was Dog days ep 4 just to see something i think i missed (i dont like wikis... they kidnap the emotion ^_^.) but it was nothing....

actually i am just reading mangas and light novels so then i can watch the anime X'D

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Speed Racer I loved the cars. 
Air Gear to bad the manga goes batshit crazy.
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F. An old school football/soccer anime about a young boy named Benjamin.

L. Buso Renkin.

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First: Dragonball Z

Boring but yeah, it was on TV, at the same time as Pokemon.

Last: Steins Gate

This makes me seem behind the times right? I enjoyed it, I thought it was really inventive and actually funny. Would recommend and I need to rewatch it for the subtleties.

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First: Probably Pokemon. Maybe Dragonball Z.

Last: We talking whole series or individual episodes? If it's whole series then it's probably Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. If just episode then it's ep. 16 of Persona 4.

Either way, the latest wins. All Pokemon and DBZ have going for them is nostalgia.

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First: Iria Zeiram- The Animation
Last: Utawarerumono
Guess it's the last title I watched in this case being better. Iria Zeiram is a good nostalgia watch for me, but it isn't exactly the deepest title I've seen as the whole plot is primarily focused on fights between Iria and Zeiram.
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@MrASSH0LE: she avenged his parents death.

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