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I wrote a blog today about my personal opinion on Fillers and I include Animevice into the subject since I've watch the site from the sidelines and, well, is a Anime topic so I was wondering what you guys thought on the subject: :)  
Manga vs Anime: Fillers doesn't count?

Feedback will be appreciated :)
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Even if you just copy and pasted it, you should have posted it here as well.   Internet chatters can be lazy so needing to navigate to another site is sometimes too much trouble.  
I read you blog over on Wordpress and it was pretty good.  I have no interest whatsoever in AV's RP & Battles stuff so I wasn't aware that such arguments even exist.  I understand the concept though.  I know for a fact there are similar discussions over the '27 Yankees vs the '99 Yankees or Ali in his prime vs Tyson in his prime.   I don't read manga anymore (only so many hours in a day) but I could imagine that testing one's knowledge in a friendly way might be gratifying.  
I, too believe that even filler counts as canon to a franchise, however as is the case in the Bleach anime, just where that filler fits in the greater timeline is sometimes confusing.  Taking a break in the middle of a battle to tell the story of Ichigo and some bratty blond can be vexing.  And it can also feel wasteful as was the disappointment experienced in the last 70 or so shows from the original Naruto series.  I tend to focus on how filler affects the story and feeling I have for a series.  Does it tire me out or am I eager to see what comes next?  That's where my focus lies rather than on powers and abilities.  I think your Yu-Gi-Oh example is an excellent illustration of notable changes between mediums, too.  Whether a character dies or continues living is a big deal and those important changes will shape an opinion one way or another. 
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Thanks for taking the time and the feedback :D
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