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Often there is much debate over sub vs dub. Many would answer it's not so straight forward, and that there are good dubs and bad dubs. So what is your favourite and least favourite English anime dub? My favourite English dub would be Howls Moving Castle, and my least favourite English dub would be Eureka Seven. you?

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Favorite English Dub: Cowboy Bebop (One of the few cases where you could legitimately claim that the English dub surpasses the original Japanese version in quality.)

Worst English Dub: Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned (No effort put into acting whatsoever. Either the voice actors were very flat in their delivery of lines or they hammed it up with conveying the drama of a scene.)

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@SMXLR8: This isn't sub vs dub. It's dub vs dub.

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Favourite English dub: Hellsing/Hellsing Ultimate. With Crispin Freeman doing Alucard and a host of skilled English voices given to the characters (considering they're supposed to be strongly English), it's always shined for me as proof that dubs aren't always bad.

Least favourite: Fairy Tail. I turned it off within 3 minutes, I just couldn't understand how they had got it so wrong. Natsu's voice doesn't suit him at all, Erza sounds like a guy...it just doesn't work at all.

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I agree with Fairy Tail's English sub being poor. I haven't seen good English dubbed shows lately. Space Dandy and probably the new Kill la Kill dub are good for me, personally.


Oops, I meant to say dub for Fairy Tail.

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The Fist of The North Star and DBZ subs SUCKED.

I guess the the naruto ones are ok.

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Of my favorites, I hate the Negima and One Piece Dub. The sub is infinitely better. Same with Naruto. As for some good dubs, Yu Yu Hakusho, Fairy Tail, Bleach, and Dragon Ball Z. The non ocean dub, I mean
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My favorite dub would probably be Pani Poni Dash. It's perfect. I think every character is completely nailed and it exceeds on both voice acting as well as writing. Comedy can be more difficult to translate than drama so that why I give it a lot of props and put it above other dubs I love like Cowboy Bebop and Evangelion.

My personal worst would be Bleach. Objectively I'm sure it's not the worst dub out there nor the worst I've heard but they completely ruined Aizen Sosuke, my favorite character in the series and one of my favorite anime characters ever. Aizen is always calm yet brimming with arrogance. The English version tries to get that but it sounds way too forced and something like being calm sounding forced pretty much ruins the character. Additionally, the voice actor sounds like he has an alto voice while Aizen in Japanese is like a baritone and that adds another element of disappointment in the English voice. Every other character I've heard in the dub sounds decent enough but being that Aizen was the only character I cared about them getting right.

Anyways, dubs and anime still have a long way to go imo. There are some good people doing great work but I feel like it's only every once in a blue moon that everything combines into good. And there are still a lot of voice actors who keep getting work that are just not good. They've never done a good performance, it seems like they never will do a good performance, but they keep somehow getting cast in roles. You look on their ANN bios and it's nothing but anime roles because like no other part of the voice acting industry is willing to give them the time of day. It'll be great when the anime industry stops giving them the time of day as well.

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A Favorite: bleach one of my Worst: One piece of course this is all IMO
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