Favorite Songs in Anime?

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Here's a couple for now...

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One piece, we fight together

Black cat opening

Claymore Opening

and probably the opening for Guilty crown season 1, the first few seconds. I'M YOURS

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Difficult from One Piece. The theme is just so threatening and fills you with such foreboding, not to mention that it is used in the best scenes & is the theme of Ouka Shichibukai.

Orochimaru's theme from Naruto. Just so vile and detestable, plus it made the first Naruto series for me:

Another sinister one, and its various variations: Dante from Fullmetal Alchemist (Really set the mood for the FMA series).

The sword that protects - Rurouni Kenshin of course:

Call Me - Cowboy Bebop

Number One - Bleach

The rest is made up of the Mew Mew Power soundtrack (weird, i know; still my first anime though),

Master from Code Geass,

Tear drops to earth from Black Lagoon,

Almost the entire Cowboy Bebop soundtrack,

Estate of an Assassin - HxH

Eiyuu Ou - Fate/Stay Night

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Among my Favs

I'm a huge Jazz fan and Yuji Ohno is just my speed, this is a smooth tune.

It's a really cool song with a kickass baseline, Like Cowboy Bebop (Real Folk Blues is the business) I always wait for the song to end before watching the next episode.

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There is mine oder of songs

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These are mine favorite openings of all time

Aesthethic of the Rogue hero: Realization

Campione: Brave Blade

11 eyes: Arrival of tears

Yu yu hakusho: Smile Bomb

A certain magical Index: Psi Missing

Evangelion: Cruel Angel's Thesis

Sekirei: One winged vow

Eureka 7: Shounen Heart

High School Dxd: Innocent of D & Sympathy

Dragon ball Z: Rock the Dragon

Itsuka no tenma no Kuro Usagi: once

Problem children are coming from another world aren't they?: Black + white

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And never forget - it's Eureka, not Auwlweca.

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i love attack on titan 1 opening. :D

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