Favorite Christmas-themed Anime Episode

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Christmas comes but once a year. But on occasions, anime tends to have a Christmas-themed episode used either as filler, set up a romantic mood, or advance the plot to an anime series. Of all the anime you've seen, what anime comes with your favorite Christmas-themed episode?
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Hmm...I can't think of one at the moment, but I can say one of the worst ones that I have seen.
Episode 12 of Kampfer (The Kampfer X-mas Special) was hard to watch...other than the massive amounts of Fanservice in it, it was shallow, weak, and forgettable. The idea of being trapped in a stuffed animal was funny, however (especially when Natsuru (stuck within a stuffed tiger by the name of Disembowled Tiger) is getting curbstomped). 

 Taken from the Kampfer X-mas Special (Episode 12)
 Taken from the Kampfer X-mas Special (Episode 12)
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The lack of Hanukkah episodes in anime is part of the reason why I'm so resentful of anime. This is where normally someone would say something about Western animation always having the token Jew is due to Hollywood and the media being run by Jews, but I don't want to ruin anything of a puny career I have for the future.....
What was I even talking about? Oh hell I don't even know anymore...Christmas? Christmas is part of the problem. What's that mean? I don't know. I just keep saying it for no apparent other than the fact that I like the sound of my voice. I'm gonna go home now.
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I can't recall many Christmas-themed anime episodes aside from the Pokemon episode with Jynx and Santa.
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I just saw one a couple of weeks ago that would probably rank as my all-time favorite, although I admit that's because I can't recall too many.  There are a lot of them but very few stand out since they tend to be disposable "good feelings" episodes.   I think I need to go back and dig out my Love Hina Christmas Special and see how it holds up.
Anyway my favorite is   "Pitter Patter Christmas Eve" from Urusei Yatsura.  It was an early episode but it was memorable and made the fan's Top 10 show before the series concluded.  After that, probably the ones in Toradora called  "Under the Fir Tree" and  "Christmas Eve Festival".  And finally, School Rumble's  "Here, There and Everywhere, Christmas! A Dash for Christmas! A Shattered Christmas!".  Hmm, more than I thought of originally.
 Ataru and Lum share a tender moment together on the holiday
 Ataru and Lum share a tender moment together on the holiday
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The Love Hina Christmas special is one of my favourites.
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Online Now

I apologize in advance for the 4 year bump. I was about to make a new thread, but I found this thread!

Plus, I'm sick and won't be recovering. It's a bad cold. This would be a nice list of shows to watch even though I haven't seen some of them like Love Hina.

From the caption contest, I probably check out these Gintama Christmas themed episodes, Azumanga Daioh, and Wooser.

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man, the toradora episode was so GOOD!

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