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Well, I decided that I'm gonna take the charge of the weekly review of Fate/Zero.

The first episode was indeed impresive, Ufotable never dissapoints us with its productions like for example Mobile Gundam Suit SEED and Kara no kyoukai.

Also a chapter of 47 minutes? the serie is gonna be 25 episodes long, so what do you think? is this 47 episode only a large episode of introduction?, or its indeed a signal that means that all episodes will be long ones?

At last I would like to say, that I liked the six new (old in really) masters, all of them had different motivations, and all personalities were different too. I picture Emiya being less talkative. And the six new servants only showed in a gloomy way except Gilgamesh and Saber we all know why this of course, also what about the seventh master and his servant?

To finalize my review of this week I wanted to leave to you the opening, but it was deleted for copyright issues I believe, however the theme song was Oath performed by LiSA.

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Good luck! Be sure to spotlight the wiki editors who are working on the episodes. Shels and Obsidian609 were working on them. You should work with them.


You may want to contact a mod to move this to the Fate Stay Zero's thread. Some people want to work on the Fate/Zero coverage, too. Give them a heads up.

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Well, today was chapter 2.

At first I felt dissapointed because I expected another 40-50 minutes chapter, however it seems that the time was only for the introduction chapter. But the chapter was good, Ufotable really knows how to move the reins. Its good to see that another good series exist, that is not only about fight, but also covers the characters's mind, their problems and feelings. About the chapter, I really believed that the muscular servant was Berserker, it seems that I was fooled to believe that a Berserker must look like a big mass of muscles; I wonder how will Waver Velvet control this guy, aditionally, Rider's identity is Iskandar, to those who don't know who is him, he is in fact Alexander the Great, king of Macedonia. Also the personality of the seventh master and his servant was indeed crazy and terrifying, how could they kill that poor boy in that way, does remind me of Shinji for some reason? mmmm. Saber as always is full of doubts about his master, however Iriesviel trust in him saying that he is indeed a good person, who didn't talk to Saber to much, because he didn't want to get into Saber's personal life, and the laws of his era; it was nice also to see the relationship between Kiritsugu and Illya, as father and daughter. Finally, the last part, Kirei sending assassin to kill Tohsaka Tokiomi, he was indeed skillful, but, he was useless against the allmighty Gilgamesh.

At last I wanted to say that I liked the ending, a good song, and an slideshow of the servant's past lifes.

As recommended by takashichea, I would like to recognize Shels and Obsidian609, who are working in the edition of the episodes of Fate/Zero in this wiki, any doubt, you should take a look at the wiki, people here, really does a good job in editing the wiki.

With that I say goodbye for today, I'll keep informating about the news episodes of Fate/Zero, farewell

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I don't want to be mean.
  • You should publish these weekly reports in the Fate Zero forum to make it easier for fans and yourself.
  • Do you have difficulty in finding images? I have a good source for you, or you can wait for the image hunters to provide images on the episodes.
  • The good place for images is Random Curiosity: Ep. 1 and Ep. 2
  • Having images on a weekly report makes it look good as well as having good grammar and spelling. I'm not a perfect writer, but I try to minimize errors, so my team and the community can read them easily.
Since I'm too busy on the wiki projects, I don't have time to try out new anime like Persona 4 and Fate Zero and even the animes from Sotyfan16 and Superevil225's guides.
Good luck on your weekly project.
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