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If any of you have checked my status, you may have noticed that I've got a teaser posted on something I plan to do next week. I'm here to spill the beans on those plans.

I plan to resume Ani-Crap in some form, though some developments in my Internet situation that I've come to learn of recently could make things even better on this end. I've learned that I can get cable out where I am, as such where I can get a 50 Mbps uncapped connection. Originally, I was planning to only have Ani-Crap once a month to help conserve on data usage on my end due to my small usage cap. But with the big development in my Internet situation, this changes things quite a bit. Not only can I fully resume Ani-Crap to how it was back in April, but this opens the doors for me to expand on what titles I can choose to cover for it since I had to originally limit what I'd watch up to 13 TV episodes due to my cap. This means now if I chose to, I could include longer crappy titles like SD Gundam Force, Dragon Ball GT or Dragonaut without having to regularly keep tabs on my data usage. I'm still presently trying to get things situated with the Internet, so these big changes won't kick in just yet. But still, Ani-Crap will be back next week. I will include the first poll I've posted in several months on here next Friday for folks to decide on.

For those not aware of this feature I frequently contribute to Vice, here is more info on it via my profile...

This is the feature to Anime Vice you'll see me frequently cover in blog postings. Having seen plenty of great quality anime titles over the past decade, I thought I would take a dip into anime's more infamous offerings in terms of bad quality. For as overrated or horrible you may think of popular titles like the Holy Shounen Trinity or moeblob titles, the titles I normally dig into for Ani-Crap cover some of the worst titles you would see from the medium we all love, past and present. A good number of the titles I cover include ultra-violent OVAs, ecchi titles, bad adaptations of video games and some duds done in the past by notable figures in anime.

Most of the time, my reviews are decided via a two-week poll I post in a thread on the Just Anime forum of a list of ten titles (five a piece from anything done within or beyond the past ten years) that Vice members are allowed to vote on. Whichever title receives the most votes within that two week period will be what I choose to cover for my next review.

Anyway, feel free to comment and Ani-Crap shall resume next week.

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That's great to hear! Looking forward to the next Ani-Crap. I actually enjoyed Gundam SD. I guess I'm an odd Gundam fan.

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Bleh...... regrettably have some bad news to report. The cable I thought I was getting turned out to be a fluke because a service rep at the service provider screwed up. So my expansion plans have been halted.

I still plan to resume Ani-Crap beginning Friday, but will be limiting reviews to one title a month because of this setback.

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Ani-Crap!!!!! = )

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