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I registered at this site yesterday, and I really like it, so I decided to write my own blog post to entertain other users, just like I'm entertained. And in my first post I decided to write about one of my favorite anime films, "My Neighbor Totoro (となりのトトロ)". I'm sure that many of you have already heard for and watched this film, but for those who don't, I'll give you a little guide and review.

My Neighbor Totoro is kind story of friendship and sacrifice for family. It will learn you the right values of friendship and family.

The family Kasukabe had a problem, one of its members (mother) was sick, and the hospital where she needed to go on therapy was far. So the family decided to move to a new house near the hospital. And of course, they weren't alone in this house. I know that many of you expect this house to be haunted by evil ghosts or some similar creepy things, but unlike the most of the stories of family moving into new house, this house was inhabited by tiny, dust spirits. And these spirits eventually left the house when the family moved in, so they weren't problem for family members. I forgot to say that our protagonists are two young sisters, Satsuki and Mei, and they live with their father professor Tatsuo Kusakabe, while their mother is in the hospital.

After the tiny spirits left the house, Mei discovered another strange thing in the backyard, but of course that was another friendly 'guy'. She met big creature with cat ears, and she named it 'Totoro', because he was roaring something similar to totoro, all the time. Soon as Mei discovers Totoro, she falls asleep, and she was found by her sister all alone. She wanted to show Totoro to her sister and father, but he was disappeared.

Some time after that, Totoro revealed himself to Satsuki, too. Totoro and Sastuki was delighted to meet each other, and after that Totoro left on Catbus. Catbus is a giant cat, that looks like a bus, it is also well known character in popular culture. Right before he left, Totoro gave Satsuki seeds, which she planted with her sister short after. After they planted a seed, they spotted Totoro with his friends dancing around the seed, when girls saw their dance, they immediately joined them in a cheerful dance. The seeds than have grown into huge tree, but it was here only for the night, in the morning tree was gone.

Family planned to visit mother in hospital, but the weren't able to, because of complications in her treatment. Mei decided to leave home, and try to go to her mother by herself, but she was disappeared. Tatsuto and Satsuki were worried, and Satsuki asked Totoro for help, Totoro was glad that he can help, and he found Mei with his Catbus, and brought her family to her.

After some time, their mother was recovered, and she returned home. And Totoro and his magical friends were just looking at the family unnoticed.

My Neighbor Totoro was made in 1988, and it was one of the best and most popular anime films of the year. Of course, it was produced by Studio Ghibli. Totoro's presence remained until today, picture of the bus station with Totoro silhouette, at the beginning of the post, proves that. Of course, Totoro is probably one of the anime that has the most products done for it. Just to have an idea, take a look here.

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