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Hey guys!

So I went to Wikipedia and searched for Durarara!! and found out there are 24 episodes? I thought there were only 13, and the 'list of episods' only lists 13, what do you guys think?

I personally think it's not really suitable, because we've just had that confrontation scene which you see in the end of movies and stuff,  so another 14 episodes? 

"TV anime
Director Takahiro Omori
Studio Brain's Base
Network CBC, MBS, TBS.
Original run January 7, 2010 – June 24, 2010
Episodes 24 (List of episodes)"

Also make this a random, "what do you think about Durarara!!"-thread!

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Durarara originally was going to be 13, but they decided to extend it to 24. So we're getting an even fuller fleshed out story.
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thank god, i hate anime that end at the 12ish mark of episodes, they never really feel "complete". So hopefully spread over the 24 episodes we get a much better ending and story.
So far though im loving it,
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Man, after the last episode I am very curious to see where it goes. Like, I really, really thought that was the last episode, it reaked of last episode-ness.
That said, now they can either take that as an "intro" and go somewhere absolutely amazing... or I dunno, mess around for another 10+ episodes.
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This indeed some good news.
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i love Durarara and ive only seen the first episode XD
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@John_Martone:  no joke it def had that "last episode"
The show is great and all the characters rock.  Simon selling russian sushi is great
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