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Topic started by damswedon on Aug. 2, 2009. Last post by Jgames 3 weeks, 2 days ago.
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@TypH said:

I prefer dubs, mainly because I put on a lot of shows while I am in my office working on art for background noise, but if I have the place to myself I will put on some sub anime.

This is always funny to me because it's basically, "I like dubs because they make it really easy to not watch the show or pay no attention to it." Language shouldn't matter if it's only going to be used for noise or played for the purpose of ignoring it.

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Subs for the most part. But there are exceptions. I like Dubbed DBZ and Yu Yu Hakusho better for instance. I think it's because my native English speaking ear easily hears "acting" in the voices whereas in Japanese it's not as easy. Also original animation flows better with Japanese because that's the target language. With dubs sometimes the words are accented in an odd manner due to trying to sync with the animation. Also literal translations are less common with dubs.
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I prefer dubs, I'm very bad at focusing on one thing, I like to be able to like grind in a RPG or at least text while I watch a show. While some dubs are bad, it's a lot easier than reading the subtitles for everything said. I only watch dubs if I get enough into a newer anime that hasn't been fully dubbed yet. Fairy Tail is the only one I really do that with currently.

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I prefer dubs for Soul Eater, Hellsing and DBZ (the Japanese version of DBZ is still one of the worst things I've ever experienced).

Aside from those three, subs all the way.

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Some of the actors in dubs don't put much effort or just sound horrible. Not that I dislike all dubs.

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Dubs. I actually find most of the English dubs more bearable than the original Japanese vocals. Then there's also the reading, which to me takes away much of the experience when watching an anime or any movie that's not originally done in English.

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Dubs usually, unless it's a fan service anime since they are usually crap.

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