Diamond "Jozu"

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He's finally been introduced 2 episodes ago, the 3rd Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, "Diamond" Jozu as the subtitles have translated.  I still don't know enough Japanese to understand if its meaning fits his character but I can't help but hear the voice actors saying "Jaws".  Oda's writing seems to have its own language in a setting with several references to world culture.  Seeing the way this dude grits his teeth all the time makes "Jaws" sound appropriate.  These pirates all have all have crazy names to begin with.  Then again his armor makes him look like a straight up samurai so having an actual Japanese name would also make sense.
Diamond is more or less white in it's raw state and it gives him the presence of a great white shark.  Bad pun logic aside I only brought this up because of the recent translation of the giant race of monsters called "Oars".  I suppose the only thing to blame is low quality fansubs.  I guess the official stuff is finally showing its merits so we fans can feel better about supporting it.  So what do you guys think?  Does this guy look like a Jaws or Jozu to you?

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I prefer Jozu
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To me Jozu sounds better
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@hitsusatsu11 said:
" I prefer Jozu "
@TrueLee said:
" To me Jozu sounds better "
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Confirmed.  All references of Jozu's name in Japanese spell it in Katakana, meaning it's a foreign word being spelled phonetically.  So since everyone disregarded any research, he will now be known as "Jaws".
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