Dbz isn't overrated.

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Well it is kinda overrated, seeing as it as majority of fanboys and lovers which love to overrate the series overall lol
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Dragon Ball Z is overrated, one of the most overrated anime series of all-time. Lol. The fanboys are overrating the anime series as if it was a godsend. And don't get me started on the absurd fanboys when it comes to debating about DBZ. Take a look on the Youtube debates and Moviecodec (I dare you).
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Extremely overrated.

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I don't watch other shows like Naruto or Blech or whatever, so I cannot comment on them. But Dragon Ball Z is possible the most overrated animé ever. Compared to the level of fandom.

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Despite being overrated and having the same repetitive storyline, I admit I enjoyed the show when I was in middle school. The nostalgia gets to me. When I watched Kai with the younger generation, some stuff are ridiculous, but DBZ has that charm. It's just that you grow out of it.

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Dragon Ball to me is pure unadulterated magic!

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@paladin said:

@SSJjanemba: The power of DBZ characters are overrated. The show's though is a great classic. Maybe it looks a bit cliche nowadays but Toriyama had a number of revulutionary ideas at that time. It's just that others took those up and made it overused.

By saying that the power lvl system it uses is overrated tells me that you fail to grasp the entirety of it.. The whole truth of the power level system is it cannot be relied upon. after the Frieza Saga it isn't used again... trying to read someones power is like trying to hook up a light bulb to a nuclear power pant and hope to gawd that it doesn't blow the bulb... and before you can say it... the meter thing that Babadi uses read Goku's power on an entire different scale.. it measured his power by the amount of times it would destroy the planet.. which gives a much better description of his power than the old scouters could...

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It's over-rated. It is truly a GREAT anime and manga, but it is 17 years since the original run of DBZ ended and it is still getting a lot of wank. Again, I re-iterate my opinion that DBZ is a great anime. It is one of my all time favourites. Nevertheless it's been 17 years and the massive amount of wank it still gets to this day is undeserved, even considering its greatness. I mean, just look at our own battle forums.

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@hitsusatsu11 said:

DBZ is the best fighting animation of all time. Period. No other animation has as good fighting, no other fictions fighting compares to the animated fights of Goku vs Freeza, or Goku vs Cell. As far as power go's, often DB characters are quite underrated. I just don't think we need a DB thread every ten minutes dealing with the same things.


I'd be hard pressed to find slower paced, more plodding, less strategic battles than in DBZ! Only the second Ghost Rider movie could really compare. You know what a better action show was? Dragon Ball!

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Dragon ball as a series is overrated. it's legacy however was impressive.

there isnt much to say about dragon ball as anime and manga. it was poorly written and full of inconsistencies. yeah it inspired one piece,naruto and toriko obviously. but saying that dragon ball made those series what they are now is an insult to kubo, shimabukuro ,oda etc etc. just because something came first doesnt mean its now better than anything else that comes after it.

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I feel like DBZ is in the same boat as Superman when it comes to progression. Superman used to not be able to even fly, but as the series went on and audiences needed more action, he gradually evolved into a being too powerful for even the top tier DC characters to even deal with, so they had to retcon him. The same is kind of happening to DBZ right now, since Goku has now completely outclassed all of his friends in terms of power(including freaking VEGETA), and is now taking on the god of destruction himself. However, once Goku defeats Bills and Whis, where is there left to go to for a powerful foe in the entire DBZ universe? Traveling to the other universes would just delay the problem.

My point is, DBZ is a good "foot in the door" anime for young kids, but past that age, it can't be compared to more complex shonen titles such as Yu Yu Hakusho, Bleach, and Reborn. So yes, I do believe that DBZ is overrated for being most people's first anime, just like Superman is overrated for being many people's first comic character.

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I loved the show as a kid, me and my dad use to watch it every night when it was aired on YTV. I have almost all the episodes now via VHS or DVD and I put it on now and then. I still love the show. Everyone has shows they love and hate you can never make everyone happy on one show and that's just how it always has been and how it always will be.

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