Dbz isn't overrated.

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I think the early parts of the DBZ manga are good.

That said, I think Ashita no Joe is better.

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Like what NewDeath said, the greatness of it is overrated.

Dragon Ball beats it hands down.

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If Dragon Ball Z isn't overrated, than neither is Call of Duty or Final Fantasy. Everything about the show is awful (not to mention the most unoriginal, boring fight scenes ever created).

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@Supreme Marvel: Do you like Dragon Ball Goku or Dragon Ball Z Gohan more? Just wondering.

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@MarioRedfield said:

@Supreme Marvel: Do you like Dragon Ball Goku or Dragon Ball Z Gohan more? Just wondering.

Gohan. It's easy because I liked him from the beginning. Whereas if I watched Dragon Ball from the beginning before I watched Z, then I think it'd be much closer. I loved Krillen in Z but I think I loved him even more after watching Dragon Ball. I have a list on this site. Top 5 are in the correct order of my favourites, I haven't moved the rest around.

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Dragonball + Superman = Dragonball Z

Think about it, or just ask Toriyama himself. I was suposed to be based on Juorny to the west but he made him an Alien like Kal-El as an inspiration, despite the fact that he was pushed into milking it afterwards.

btw, I prepfer DBZ, and thank god for Kai the condensed remake. Idk how us we used to watch these every week as kids.

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@SSJjanemba said:

no it isn't, because some of your "anime" take alot of aspects from dbz like one piece, yu yu hakusho, bleach, and naruto. despite wat most ppl say, that anime is a classic, weather u accept it or not. enjoy this awesome amv.

You're implying I like those animes. Dragon Ball Z is overrated as Hell because it told the World that it's alright to have plots that drag out forever and replace character development with power levels.

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DBZ is way over rated that i can't believe how blind people can be saying it isn't. The fights take 50 years to do a 5 minute job, the characters have no depth, the story isn't brilliant it may have influenced other anime but that doesn't really mean that we wouldn't have those anime DBZ isn't the be all and end all of anime. People think that because it was the first impression of anime of our generation it has the highest anime honor when truly classic anime like Akira, Vampire hunter D, Fist of the north star and others should be held to higher praise and compared to DBZ are heavily under rated. The fight scenes take so long they actually get boring to watch it doesn't change if you fight freiza, cell or Buu and the new "awesome" DBZ 14 movie is actually pretty rubbish. The creators of the series aren't milking a dry cow any more the cow is a corps and the corps was turned to dust long ago. It was a brilliant anime when i was a kid but now its just a broken record that fan boys and girls just aren't prepared to put down.

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@t_duq: Very well said I agree.

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@Sonata said:

@t_duq: Very well said I agree.

well said and yep it is

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When people call Dragonball the best they call it the best because of what it did for anime worldwide not because of the story, plot, or characters most people don't care about those things. Most of you guys wouldn't be here posting in an anime forum if it wasn't for Dbz, after reading some of the comments it sounds like some of the guys in here are jealous because there favorite anime didn't get the same praise or recognition that Dbz has gotten.

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@theblueflash: I agree. Is it wierd for me to still genuinely enjoyDBZ even though I'm no longer a kid? By the way all of you are talking, it seems you hate it with every fiber of your being. Well most people anyway.

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@theblueflash: your rant is typical of a DBZ fan but there are few thing I would like to address with that rant of yours

  1. People call DBZ the best because they think it's the best anime ever which it isn't
  2. You can't say that with out DBZ the animes that it inspired would not have been made since you can't prove that
  3. Stop trying to make your opinion sound like a fact
  4. I am glade that you said most people woulkd not be juere with out DBZ cause that is not the case for me
  5. Girls can like DBZ too so it's not a male thing since you keep saying Guys
  6. DBZ is popular now but it's not going to last, in 100 years who is going to care so that part of your comment is invalid

People say Goku is the superman of anime which is false since there are alot of anime that were popular just like DBZ so when DBZ is gone Superman will still be here , that is a fact

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1.If people think it's the best why go all out of your way to tell them it isn't it's not like your gonna change their opinion, I'm not even saying it's the greatest, I'm just giving my opinion on why people say it's the greatest.

2.Actually that was never in my sentence so your putting words in my mouth, there are some influential things in certain series that originated from Dragonball such as the character Mereum from Hunter X Hunter. The Author himself said that he originally got the character design from Cell.

3.Never said my opinion was fact so your putting more words into my mouth just saying what I believe, heck somebody even agrees with me

4.Which is why I said most people key word most it doesn't have to count for everybody

5.Sorry want me to say People, lol now your just nitpicking.

6.Uhm so your point.

Don't really care if Goku isn't Superman of anime, Goku is the Goku of anime.

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@theblueflash: well at least you understand what I was saying sorry about the putting words in your mouth , it just that how your comment sounded =D

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@SMXLR8: It's cool wasn't looking to start an argument or anything guess I probably should've reworded my sentence.

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@theblueflash: yeah were cool now =D

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i love dragon ball. this was what got me into anime. however it is getting overrated and its a product that has been long past date. after you get into a couple of animes with better story,better character development or hell just better powers you realize that dragonball wasnt really THAT good.

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DBZ along with YYH got me into anime so it always holds a place in my heart. But after seeing a lot of different( and some a lot better) ones I gotta say its overrated as hell. Some of the good ones need more recognition too.
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