Compare and Contrast: Akira and Zwei

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Eden of the East's lead, who eventually goes by Akira, has an awful lot in common with Zwei, the main character of Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~, FUNimation's latest streaming title. Namely, they both wake up in very unusual situations with no memory of their past lives. Here's a quick run-down on the two boys and their similarities...and differences.

Assigned Name

Akira Takizawa


When he woke up...

...was standing naked outside of the White House with a cell phone loaded with eight billion yen and a gun, but no memories.

...was lying in a bed with a hospital gown on, no possessions, and no memories.

Then he...

...went back to his place and discovered a bunch of passports and weaponry, leading him to wonder if he was a terrorist.

…explored, only to be attacked by a masked young woman. He was able to hold her off, and she named him Zwei and entered him into the mysterious organization Inferno.

His companion is... adorable young woman named Saki who he helped avoid getting into trouble at the White House. She then followed him to try and get her passport back from the coat she loaned him, and they traveled together to Japan.

...Ein, or Phantom, a young woman and another member, presumably an assassin, of Inferno. She follows her orders without question.

Personality-wise, he...

...seems happy-go-lucky and pretty unphased by his unusual situation for the most part.

...seems personality-less at first, like Ein, but in reality questions his own existence as well as Inferno's motivations.

As for his memories...

...he was able to pick one up about his mother while talking to Saki. Also remembers a metric ass-ton of movies.

...all he remembers is a swing, and another person talking about not having any memories.

From here on out, he'll...

...continue to try and figure out his identity and why he has access to so much money. as an assassin for Inferno, at least until he's able to regain his memories and/or escape.

Don't worry, I worked hard to make sure I wouldn't spoil anything beyond the first ep of either series. But what do you think? Are they similar? How about the ways they react to their situations?

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They're similar in that they're both missing some memories, but that almost seems like it's about it. Also ALL HAIR HYPNOPENIS.
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Sigue: they're also similar because their memories are missing due to some odd conspiracy/game/thinger that we're working out. Don't you think it's interesting that the theme would pop up twice in one season-- as part of the central conflict of both shows? (As opposed to the more typical "well, he's an amnesiac, but for the most part we'll ignore that fact until the big reveal of who he was before" kind of deal.)
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She just wanted to post the naked guy.
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They sound like interesting characters and I kinda wanna watch those shows...and I agree with Ianaswift, Gia just wanted to post the naked guy! lol
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Well, technically when Zwei woke up in Ep. 1 he found a backpack with a bottle of water with Japanese writing in it next to the bed, and deducted he might have been a Japanese tourist. There might've been something else, but I can't remember off the top of my head.

Still, interesting article.
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Gia: Well the fact that Akira lost his memories what seemed like purposely versus Zwei who probably was forced to lose his memories seems to make them very different. Akira also talks to Juiz who TELLS him that he erased his memories, while Zwei has no idea wtf is going on.
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Funny, I just writed something similar about how often anime and games about killers involve amnesic characters. They share most features, but their personalities are so differents like day and night. Imagine a twins separated when born and adopted by different families.
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