Can anyone please help me find these 2 anime

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The first anime i dont even know if its real because its old and i was super young when i saw it

Quick backstory i have an uncle who likes anime too so when i was a kid he had vcr tapes of anime like dragon ball z at the time i didnt even know what anime was but like all kids you get curious and plus what kid does like fighting anyway this is around the time of when i saw the anime so my guess is it could be 6 - 8 years old or longer

now then back to the anime i dont know much about it but all i remember is the main character might have been seperated from a girl at a very young age who i think is his sister but could be anyone and their are fight seens that i think revolve around his sister but that is all i know if anyone can find this anime you are awesome and if you cant find it but find something very similar then let me know ill give it a watch the second anime is different and probably alot easier to find the anime is about 2 hard working students (one is a boy and one is a girl) who dont even know each other but are both taking the same test which i think is to get into a school a teacher who sees both their test finds it odd that they both have the same answers at the end they both go to the wall wear the scores are and accedentily bump into each other. the anime is very short like 30 secs and only one episode (but i could be wrong so keep that in mind) i dont think this one is that old was probably aired a couple months the latest a year ago and it was on crunchy roll for a short period and they took it off unless im blind if anyone finds these anime thanks very much for your help

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I don't really watch a lot of anime myself especially old series.

Since you mentioned Crunchyroll, you should check the ANN's list of Crunchyroll titles they streamed. In the past, I seen requests to find anime series, and then the user finds out it's not really an anime series. Are you sure that the first anime series you described is an anime series? It could be a western animated series.

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@takashichea: no im not very sure but the fact that the anime was in japanese and it looked like an anime is what im going on but for all i know it could have been a figment of my imagination and i dont remeber the names of the characters but their names were not normal in the sense of american names

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@JustInsane: Yeah for the second it was a commercial for a type of prep school in japan actually. In japan they do a lot of anime commercials that are one of short cute episodes. There is one about JAXA, the Japanese NASA for example.

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@Elfenlied1012: im not sure but ill take your word for it and i would still really like to see it so if you can please link the commercial that would be cool and thank you

nevermind found it thank you


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