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WTF is it really gone I have been watching it for so long now I can not believe it!!!

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Sad yet true. I watched Bleach every week since like... 2005. It wasn't always great, but it generally kept me entertained. I'm very sad to see it go as I thought it was one of those things which would last forever. I at least thought it would end with the end of the manga and not get canceled.

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Well it was fun while it lasted, but it had to end sometime.

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I was really upset that it ended, it was one of my favorites. The manga is still going though which I dont get. Does anyone know if the anime will start back up again? I read somewhere it was temporarily cancled, for now.

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I'm glad that it ended, reason why was because it should've ended at the Aizen Arc. Everything went to hell when the FullBringer arc came as I felt that the Aizen Arc was satisfying and that Ichigo was finally in peace until out of the blue, a new organization pops up and just ruins everything for the show. Bleach was great till the Fullbringer arc, I'm glad it stopped because Kubo was really pissing me off. All he kept on doing was bringing out new characters and new shit out of the blue without reason. 
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I am sad that it ended but I am glad that it means Bleach will get to get really dark and doesn't ahve to follow the fan bases and what we want.

Every arc Kubo has had gets modified rather fullbringer or Arrancar. Now we get to see something good happen. We get to see Kubo's true goal

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@sakurablossomyears: I read something that said that it would start back up when the manga was done. I know a whole bunch of people who were really upset that it ended to, and they really hope the manga statement was true.

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Well I know that this last arc in the manga is the finale, at least I heard so. They might not start it up again if it is for only one arc. I have also heard they will be starting something in august of this year with Ichigos dads story. I may be wrong but thats what I heard.

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