Best Buy Doesn't Love Us Anymore: Less Anime On Shelves

Topic started by gia on Jan. 18, 2009. Last post by N15PCA 6 years, 1 month ago.
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This could be bad news for anime fans everywhere: Japanator reports that nation-wide, Best Buy is “realigning” their anime section, which means that they're going to be carrying considerably less anime than they have in the past-- basically, they'll probably only be carrying the cream of the crop.

Since a few sites initially put out reports that Best Buy was closing their anime sections up entirely, I want to repeat for the sake of clarity: they are CUTTING DOWN on anime on the shelves, not removing it entirely.

Now, I buy most of my anime online or at cons, but every once in a while it's nice to wander through actual store shelves without being in a hurry to make it to this or that event and pick something up I might not have thought to before-- I'm sad I'll have less opportunity to do that.

How about you? Do you shop at Best Buy for your anime much? Do you think this will have a big impact on your ability to acquire our favorite vice?

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hey this saddens me as the last of my anime shelf sources is drying up, unforunatly the next best alternatives are online, or "imports"

best buy is my main source for purchased anime.
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Damn, its hard enough as it is to get hold of most of what I want :(
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I'll probably end up being the minority here when I say that it doesn't have much of an impact on my ability to purchase anime.  When online stores that sell anime actually stop or decrease their anime inventory, then it will have an impact on me since I prefer online shopping for my mangas and anime. 

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It's too bad that I won't be able to find much anime at Best Buy if I decide to wander down the DVD aisles, but I really haven't bought any anime DVDs at retail shops in years. I've been an online-only customer for quite some time.
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Ruby: That's kind of old news-- came out in October last year.
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Nevermind then, I edited my commentary, no use in spreading old news.
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I do occasionally buy anime at Bust Buy, but it won't really be much of a detriment in my buying habits. It's far easier to find deals online or in used media stores.
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I never liked "Best Buy"...they always rip you off.
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Bestbuy doesn't really have a selection of anime prior to this. If I'm really digging for anime, I usually stop by downtown to a store where they sell anime and merchandise.
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I never really liked the selection Best Buy had. They usually had stuff I already bought cheaper online or stuff that I just don't like. This won't impact me personally but losing a huge store chain like Best Buy is really bad. I mean I still wander around Best Buy when I'm bored and sometimes I'll see titles that might give me some interest but now I won't have that luxury.

Though in all truth, I still love online shopping the best. It's easier to find coupons or it's generally cheaper. Like I just ordered the LE Gurren Lagann Part 2 for 27 bucks at because of their almost weekly coupons. wahoo. =3
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I usually buy my Anime at FYE, but I should definitely try some online :)
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A "reduction/cut-back" is pretty bad. And, yes, it can even have a trickle down effect to us online buyers. Anything that hurts/bruises the bottom-line of North American anime companies can hurt every anime fan.

But I still feel like there's one massive shoe out there waiting to drop this year.
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I've never really been a fan of Best Buy. Fry's Electronics usually has everything I need for electronics and electronic entertainment.
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I buy most of my anime on eBay or I've also recently discovered a new source of anime pleasure. The network of libraries in my area has a ton of anime. Pretty sweet. Especially for trying out new anime (new to me anyways).
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That sucks because that's all I would buy at Best Buy.  Its just when I wanted anime, I wanted it now! :P Oh well the interent will start to do for me. :(
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Whatever, the anime selections at my BestBuys were absolute crap anyways :|
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This is sad but I never had a Best Buy near me so it won't effect me personally.
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HarunaL said:
"I never liked "Best Buy"...they always rip you off."
It seems Best Buy used to actually give you the best buy when they first opened.  They're prices were good.  Now, not so much.  It's weird that they're cutting down on their selection.  Going to Border's recenetly, it seems they've increased their shelf space for mangas.  I think it is that people are either watching or buying their anime online.  Best Buy is selling them practically at retail.  I don't believe in that.
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