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What had begun as mere rumors years ago, and vague clips released in 2010 to promote the continuance of the manga series, is now becoming the fully realized dream of all Berserk fans. "Berserk The Golden Age" is to be made as three separate films depicting the entire Golden Age arc of the manga with beautifully remastered animation. Each part will be akin to an hour or so long film, much like the Hellsing Ultimate series, with more Arcs planned once the Golden Age III has been finished. It is to be released soon in 2012 (supposedly Part 1 was released in Japan on Feb 4th). Look forward to it. 
Susumu Hirasawa, who performed the deep, impacting musical themes of the original Berserk anime, has returned with remixed and revised music, along with new songs for the Golden Age theatrical movies. Fans all over the world will get to see their favorite Berserk characters redone in an all new light, and eventually taken beyond the edges of the Golden Age, into the gritty, bloodstained recesses of the Berserk series. Yes, that means Puck will be waiting. But who cares? That means Schierke and the rest will appear as the animated films are produced as well. So, support the release and take pride on your fandom. If nothing else, enjoy the glorious bloody violence.
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@ReiKai: Yes it is already out, I have seen the reviews and they are fantastic I want to see it myself. Parts 2 and 3 are supposedly schedule to come out later in the year.
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I want to see it. Badly. I believe that Part 1 deals with Guts' first encounter with Griffith and the Band of the Hawk, and skips his background as a child growing up (instead of going over how he was born and tortured growing up in a mercenary band under Gambino, they just skip ahead to when he was 15). I think they left out Guts' early history to avoid sucking up too much screen time just trying to explain him. Besides it'll all come out when he explains to Casca (before nailing her) after they fall off that cliff together. 
Anyway, Part 1 was like the beginning. Guts meets everyone, the first battles they fight in where he starts to become integrated into the group and moves ahead 3yrs. He's 18, bigger, stronger, and the Hawks are more distinguished and become part of the Midland Regular Army.
Part 2 I assume is getting more into the war  and the political plots within the Midland Royal Houses. Such as the attempted assassination of Griffith during the Fall Hunt. Everything that leads up to the end of the 100yr war with Chudar.
Part 3, I believe, is going to be t he end of the Golden Age, otherwise known as  the Eclipse Arc. When Griffith seduces Princess Charlotte and the King discovers the affair, has Griffith sent to prison to be tortured and orders the Band of the Hawk (aka the White Phoenix Knights by then) annihilated. For those who haven't read the manga I won't speak more of it, but it gets REALLY gritty and dark.
Well, that's just my guess. I've only seen the first 10min of Part 1, and I want to bear witness to the whole thing. It's something I must have.
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Oh thank God, a current anime that I can give a damn about.
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