Baka to Tesuto to Syokanju best school idea ever

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If you haven't checked out this anime let me do you a favor and highly recommend it.  second how cool would it be to actually go to a school like this.  I'd be motivated to do well on tests and let me tell you that's hard to do.
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@jlanzer: "Like this"? What's the school like?
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premise: The school has a placement exam at the beginning of the year and whatever score you get correlates to which classroom you get.  The higher ranking students have the nicer classrooms ranked A-F, including an E class.  Then your test score is your summons, a chibi version of yourself with powers, inherent power.  Then classes who want to move up let's say from F to E can then battle each other via these summons.  The victor then moves into the higher of the two classes getting better supplies and perks.  That's the quick version.
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I need to catch up, but from what I've seen it's really stupid, yet so incredibly awesome. Definitely better than most shows this season. 
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of course its just good ole slap stick stupid comedy about boobs, but the way they make fun of those basic anime structures like my favorite the androgynous character is done so well.  and nosebleeds, lots and lots of nosebleeds.
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@jlanzer: I think they do that in Special A, too, yes? Split all the kids into classes based on their test scores, can't battle your way out of it.
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I love this show! It's hilarious and so over the top ridiculous that it works. I personally think it'd be awesome to have a battle system in place where you could move up in school. Voyeur is one of my favorite characters along with the androgynous trap Hideyoshi which gives it a little of the Ouran feel. While the show isn't nearly as witty as Ouran, it's still a great school comedy that succeeds at making fun of anime tropes--particularly shojo.
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if you haven't gotten to the pool episode yet sploilersssssssssssssssssssss
what's been your favorite parts so far???
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Hmm... what a terrible, yet entertaining sounding premise. I'm partial to the class-bassed comedy, as the S.A. Suppareview probably indicated, but I dunno if this is for me.
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@Oneesama: i guess you're not one for competition.  i just thinks its awesome how you can convert school to a game and kick some ass... you know while still doing homework.
anyways i want to complain that my baka to tesuto was taken away from me :(  I love me some free anime and now Funimation cracked down on the streamers leaving me but a dreamer of what's to come.  but good news, in a recent article Funi has put up baka to testu on its main website and is streaming it there.  only the first two episodes, but still i hope to see the whole season eventually up there.  also some of the hulu anime is indeed subbed now and their library is ever increasing.
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From what I've seen of this show, the premise itself is not that good, but the writing and the comedic timing of the show make it work a lot better than it should, and it's become my favorite show of the winter season (next to Durarara!! anyway).
As long as you are looking for the complete opposite of SERIOUS BUSINESS with a bunch of popular anime references and non-sequitors liberally sprinkled around each episode then you will like this show.
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just to update - apparently the writers thought about the problem the potential of constant battles.  
1.) teachers have to be present and declare the match
2.) if you fail you have to go to detention aka hell
3.) if you fail a class on class battle (F class v E class) you have to wait 3 months for another chance.  If you win you are able to battle or be battled again.
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