April Anime Haul! (so far)

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Well, the Doujin Work box is technically from the end of March, but I wanted to post a pic of it since it's so slick :) It's a cardstock artbox with the first dvd and the first volume of the very geeky manga. It's pretty insightful if you want to learn more about the Doujinshi world..... not all encompassing (doujin aren't all adult works, which poor Najimi could of saved some embarassment by researching into) , but generally fun, informative and self deprecating.

I also picked up a whack of Kenshin by surprise (really enjoyed a previous batch of the series], along with some other random stuff like Wandaba Style, which was entertainingly nerdy in another way. Finally caved into getting BALDR Force .EXE, though I haven't watched it yet [I like OVA's :)]. Wierdest acquisition is probably the Phantom DVD game though.

In terms of anime I watched recently, finished Wandaba Style vol.1 last night, and finished the Tweeny Witches OVA tonight, putting the last set into the artbox. This was one of my favorite releases of the past year, and I really should post pics of the boxset and packaging soon- it has a fantastic dub, something you don't often see for lesser known series nowadays, and each volume is actually a 2-disc set, so you get a fair amount of anime. Media Blasters just repackaged the 4 sets into the Artbox that came with vol.1, with 8 discs for 90 or so bucks, about the same cost as the singles and artbox originally (which are also still available). The boxset is shaped like the book that plays an important role in the show's plot. The OVA is mostly more stores set within the original series, with 1/2 the eps more random fun adventures, while others focus more on the characters pasts, such as Sheila's early encounter with a fairy, the Grandmaster's youth, and a witch named Toma who almost brought destruction to the Witch's Realm long ago. It's serious fantasy, a nice breath of fresh air in the midst of a glut of fan service and shonen action shows.

There's also a used copy of InuYasha the Movie 2 this month, but for some reason Blockbuster didn't have the coverart, so it's just in a blank dvd case with a white BB slip. Ah well, wanted to watch it again, and it's been off TV awhile so why not :)
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