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So as we all know, our good pal Dante was in an anime a few years back. It nice little series of cases to watch the demon slayer slice and shoot through. However, it was a little enclosed and had only two of the stars from the games (Trish and Lady). The Devil May Cry series has been expanding more and more from game to game from the way Dante fights to locations he visits to the demons he fights. I believe that a new Devil May Cry anime the encompasses these things would be a great way to revamp the series. There are a lot of characters from the games that if put into an anime would work wonders on a plot line.


A good old fashioned sibling rivalry is almost always exciting to watch. Vergil is one of few characters that can actually give Dante a run for his money and make him take a fight seriously. When going into a fight, Dante is normally light hearted and cocky. However, he deserves to be because he knows that all of the relatively low level demons that he fights don't have nearly enough power to kill him. We as the audience also know this from his past feats of styling all over everyone he comes in contact with. Although watching Dante taunt and tease an enemy who thinks themselves to be, "The strongest demon around", is really fun most of the time and makes for a good show, it would also also be fun to wonder how he will win instead knowing from the start that Dante will have a cake walk on his hands. In Devil May Cry 3, Vergil brought this rivalry that no one had quite seen before in a Devil May Cry game. This part of what made the third installment such a good experience, you know, aside from general kickassness. The rivalry they shared would fit perfectly within an anime and provide many epic fight scenes.


If I'm not mistaken, the reception for Nero was mixed. Some liked him and thought he fit well as the main character of Devil May Cry 4 while others felt he was a Dante wannabe and wished Dante had remained the star. I personally like the guy not only for his cool and useful move set but also just because I thought he fit in well with the general outlook of the series. Although he was not nearly as powerful as Dante or Vergil, he still got the job done pretty well and had a hot love interest to boot which is something that the Devil May Cry series left off but I'll discuss that more in a bit. Nero would go pretty well in an anime series. Not only is he an interesting fighter that I think people would like to see more of but he would also make a good ally character for Dante aside from Trish and Lady. It could also become a point to crank open Nero's mysterious past and see what the deal is with that devil bringer arm of his and his connection to Sparda. (But I swear if they make him Sparda's nephew of some crap I'll punch someone at Capcom.)


As I mentioned before, love interests were one thing that was almost always missing from a Devil May Cry game. In the manga series, I believe Dante gets girls all the time with his swag. He might have even achieved a good love interest. This stands as all the more reason to include them in the anime. In Devil May Cry 2, Lucia played this role for a short time. She was a sort of growing love interest for Dante, although I feel like it may have been slightly one sided. However, in the final scene of the game we see Lucia waiting for Dante at his shop. He comes back and the obviously reunite but we don't see anything after that. On top of that, she is never featured in the story again making it kind of a dud. Although Lucia disappeared, she was the only character that could really even be a love interest for him, despite the fact that Dante spends much of his time with two attractive women. Trish doesn't fit because she resembles Dante's mother and I imagine Dante would find it weird or a little gross to have relations with her. Lady could have been an interest for Dante, however from their more friend/colleague-like relationship, they are better suited as just friends(friend zoned). If Lucia was brought back for an anime, she could fill this role with more input from Dante. Although a love interest is not needed for a story like Devil May Cry, one would round off the series well. Bringing back Lucia wouldn't even be necessary. They could create a whole new character that Dante could find desirable.

All in all I think making an anime that incorporates elements from the video game would be a big hit. The manga probably already has most of the things that I mentioned before. This would make it easier to pull certain things from that story and enforce this one. So these are just my reasons why it could behoove the folks of Devil May Cry to get another anime in the works.


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