Animes with high quality animation?

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So, there's a whole lot of animes out there. Some of them look good.....some of them don't.

Which ones, either currently or from the time that they were made, really pushed the bar for animation? This includes character designs, style, and  movement/fluidity.

Feel free to post vids, and argue and whanot :)

Now, while I haven't seen a whole lot of animes, I must say that Casshern Sins, and Hellsing (during the fight scenes, at least) are great looking. Mostly, I think, it's how fluidly everything moves, although I really like the general character designs in Casshern.

And you?
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let see, there always the Macross series. They all had insane high quality, from Macross Plus look really nice, then you says Zero and you got OMG that CG Macross look amazing. And last years you had Frontier, the quality does suffer in the last part of the series but the first episode is was so amazed to look at, were talking movies quality in a TV show. If that wasn't impressive there was Episode 0 or sneak peak of frontier that preview blow my mind, it look so amazing then it hit me that episode 1.

Oh and the only way to watch Frontier is in H.D., oh yea.

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This great scene Patlabor 2 The movie say it all.

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This movie came out in 1993 and still holes up really well even by today Standers.
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The Kei series have fantastic animation and character design, mainly Clannad and Kanon (2006). The Rebuild of Evangelion is also a masterpiece in this regard, i was absolutely blown away the first time i watched it because of how well they updated everything, from character design to animation.
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Paprika Paprika Paprika Paprika.

Just watched in BD last week, it was so awesome.
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gia said:

Paprika Paprika Paprika Paprika.

Just watched in BD last week, it was so awesome."
I agree its so good that i got it on DVD and on my Nintendo DS :D
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Yeah, Paprikia and Gankutsuou is way up there in terms of high quality
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Lucky Star's animation is way too good for its light subject matter.
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A truly wonderful visual experience

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tengen toppa gurren lagann has really good animation, it has the best that i've seen.
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i agry Champy tengen toppa gurren lagann is good, but gundam 00 is way better, exeped for the explotions gurren lagann has the bests explotions in anima history that i think!
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