AnimeNEXT 09: FUNimation Industry Panel

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Our awesome ninja Kuro attended this year’s FUNimation’s industry panel; and being the good person that he is, he decided to pass on some awesome information about FUNimation’s future to us. First, as some of you might know, FUNimation will be releasing the Fullmetal Alchemist OVA’s; those small fun little episodes that add nothing to the story except cuteness.

FUNimation’s video player service is back! However, One Piece is still absent with not word of when this bad boy will return. Sgt. Frog has finally gotten a release date for its first set of DVDs, which is going to be September 22! For those of you who really like Gundam, and Pinky and the Brain, you have to check out this show. The dub cast for the breast anime Dragonaut have also been announced, but since Kuro can’t text fast enough we are left in the dark (I still <3 you.) However, Gia herself promises her first, second, and third born children that she will give you the list when it comes. 

Seventy US and Canadian theaters will play the first Eva movie this summer; but really, have all the theaters been announced? This movie needs to be in every theater until the end of time; or so says God Len. There is going to be an Eva movie Blu-ray release as well, and will probably go by the name of Eva 1.11 (I see what they did there.) 

Well, that’s all I got so far. Thank you Kuro for sacrificing your thumbs for all of our sakes. Let’s all give him a hug! 

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I stand behind Len's wish. Eva for all!
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