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Lately I have seen how many people asks for recommendation of a good series, the answers though are always disorganizated. So I decided to create a thread where people posts some series as recommendations following the next pattern.

Name: The name of the serie

Alternative Name: An alternative name of the serie, or also its name in english

Genre: The genre of the series; it can be shonen, shoujo, seinen, slice of life, cyberpunk, etc. Also you may add more than one genre if is necessary

Author: The name of the author, or authors

Other works: Other works of the author, this may work as a reference

Other media: The series can also be founded in manga, books, novel, videogame, etc.

Studio: The studio that make the animation, this can lead one to watch a serie, because the studio has impressed him/her before, etc.

Long: How long is the serie? this is necessary, because people sometimes search for something more short, or something that keeps them busy, etc.

Saga: If the serie is part of a more big saga, you may put it the saga here.

Where to watch it?: Some series are transmited in X channel, while others can be founded only in internet, or bought. This is important.

Brief description: A short description of no more than five lines of the serie.

If you are a person who likes: This is important, some people have very definited likes, while other are open to a lot of areas. For example: If you like serious business with comical stuff in the middle, then this series is for you; or if you want a more complex and mature story; etc.

Beware of: Fanbase or haters tend to give bad or erroneous information of series, here you add the mistakes that can be founded in internet, when the serie is decribed.

PD: If you want to post more than one series, do it in different posts, to avoid confusions; Also, any doubt about some serie, or error to correct can be discussed here. Anyone is free to post, and anyone who wants to know about a serie, can see the posts that user had put here.

Post by Levance (1,846 posts) See mini bio Level 12

Well, as nobody has posted yet, I decided to made the first post, as a recommendation, and as an example as well

Name: Higurashi no naku koro ni

Alternative Name: When the Cicadas cry; When They Cry 1

Genre: Seinen, Mystery, Horror

Author: 07th Expansion

Other works: Umineko no naku koro ni

Other media: Visual novel for PC, PS2 and NDS (Original source); Manga

Studio: Studio DEEN

Long: 26 Chapters and an OVA

Saga: When They Cry

Where to watch it?: Internet. Not sure if is transmited in some channel

Brief description: A group of friends in the village of Hinamizawa lives a normal life, but in the night of the Watanagashi festival, one person dies while other dissapears, this has happened already four years before, though the people fear the called "curse of Oyashiro-sama" they consider it something normal. The protagonist, a boy who recently moved to the village finds himself inmersed in the insanity of the villagers and situations, is not only the curse, but also, people starts to act strange; after all goes to shit the story mysteriously repeats itself, the context of the situation is the same, though the success happens in different ways, and any time the story repeats itself, new clues are added to the mystery, just what is exactly happening in Hinamizawa??

If you are a person who likes: Mystery, as the series lurk in mystery; also if you like a bit of horror or gore but not in excess, though the fanbase labeled it as horror or gore, is more mystery. Highly mind screwer, and a bit dark. Original plot, and crazy plot twist. It has also a bit of comical scenes.

Beware of: People labeled the series as mainly gore or horror, though is not the main thread. Also consider that the term Killer lolis given to the series is a big misconception

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