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 Most ppl  underestimate the Maturity of Most Anime's or think that most are okay for there kids to watch cause of the English Versions. 
but there are some Cartoons I don't think Kids should watch either.
What Anime or Even Cartoons do you think ppl have underEstimated as far as Maturity and thought goes? Do they automatically think your watching something Childish just because it's Drawn?
Some Anime I would Mention are:
Sailor Moon
(The Japanese Version is Ecchi,there's a Hentai of it and Sailor Neptune & Uranus are Lovers not Cousins)
(Though it may look Cutesy. there is a Deep thought provoking heart warming story there.That everyone could relate to)
(Same as Above. but Fanciful at the Same time)
(Yeah Key just makes those Tear jerkers)
Black Lagoon
(oh yeah I mean you can tell by a picture. but if ppl were just going by the fact that it's Drawn they would be very surprised by the Mature Content and Language. plus the storyline.)
Death Note
(No doubt it's Dark plus has a God Complex. so to some it could seem like it touches on Religion. Light's like Dexter without the Actual killing.) 
Code Geass
(Lelouch has a God Complex,he's insane with power and there are a lot of Deaths.)
SpongeBob Square pants
( yeah I know I'll get some flak but oh well,I've never liked this Cartoon it's stupid,gross and have the time Kids qoute from it without knowing what there talking about)
(Same as above)
anything on Adult Swim Except Maybe Bleach.
your Turn.....
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South park
family guy
robot chicken
avenue q (a pupper show but yeah)
american dad
all hentai anime
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Well Most of that is Classifed as Adult Cartoons and Hentai is Porn so yeah it wouldn't be for kids and I think Adults would know that. seeing as most if not all Hentai is in the adult section in stores.
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@Nerxual_Oh said:

"To make very small difference in the whole thing besides this blog, tell the idiots that cartoons are more like disney wise. Racist, jew hating PG fun :P (Seriously that is basic description of the Disney fuckers) While anime is more mature, much more mature than disney ever be.  "

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All hentai, any Yuri or Yaoi content, and the following anime/cartoon shows:
1. Elfen Lied
2. South Park  (Comedy Central)
3. Family Guy  (FOX)
4. Almost every American Dad episode (except the WOW spoof episode...that one is priceless)  (FOX)
5. Drawn Together (Comedy Central)
6. Monster (currently airing on SyFy)
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@Nerxual_Oh:  And i love them for it! (the adding blood thing, not the beating up Morty thing)
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Heh heh, I remeber when my brother rented Princess Mononoke and Heavy Metal 2000 for me, when I was around 8 years old. Ahh those were the days :)
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@Kelleth: LOL I was actually thinking about this vid not to long agoXD
I also throw in Gantz, Basilisk and Shigurui Death Frenzy definitely  not for the kiddiesXD
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I forgot about Elfen Lied lol
Yeah that was too much for me and I'm 23 lol
I'm not saying I wouldn't let my Future kids watch some of those but as long as they understand it.
some parents don't care and then there are those that complain about every little thing like I knew one parent that wouldn't let her kid watch PG that included Disney.
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