Anime Marathon 2013-2014: Toriko and One Piece

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Last Friday night when I got back home, I finished the Punk Hazard arc for One Piece. I can't post a lot of images right now. These two Shonen series I picked out were my biggest shows to marathon out of my Anime Experiences: Trying New Recommendations from Fellow Vicers project. For One Piece, I started out with the manga back in Summer 2012. I read up to Skypiea, and I had a long hiatus from reading One Piece due to being busy with college, wiki projects, and other Anime Vice projects. Until Toonami started airing One Piece's Long Ring arc in May 2013, I started watching it on Toonami. However, I got impatient and started doing a marathon on HULU.

For Toriko, it was for a wiki project. It was one of the biggest wiki projects in Anime Vice where it rocks the battle forums and wiki community. I started getting into Toriko around Fall 2013.

The purpose of this blog was to inspire folks in Anime Vice to share and to post blogs about shows they are doing a big marathon on. Please feel free to share comments and post blogs.

One Piece and Toriko Marathon Journal

*Don't worry, I don't put spoilers.

I found One Piece way addicting to watch than Toriko. Each weekday, I watch about 4 episodes a week for One Piece and 2 episodes for Toriko. In the weekends, I watch about 5 episodes of One Piece while working on homework. During Winter break, I watched a ton of One Piece. Toriko is a fun show, but it's not emotionally gripping. In the 80 episodes or so I watch of Toriko, no major character had died. Compared to One Piece, it was pretty heavy during Franky/Robin's moments in Water Seven arc and Luffy's moments in Marineford arc. I had to add one major One Piece character's death to my most tearful moments in anime.

One Piece

During Water Seven arc, there was a huge filler, recap arc on the Straw Hat pirates. This is a good arc for those who don't want to watch all these episodes of One Piece. It covers every backstory of the characters except for Robin and Franky at this point in the story. I skipped that after seeing the summaries on HULU. Of course, HULU does not have Thriller Bark arc or pieces of Robin's backstory. I was really angry at HULU. I'm a person who will not visit pirated sites, so I skipped Thriller Bark arc and read the arc summary at One Piece Wikia.

Each major arc in One Piece was great and pretty distinguished. Most Shonen series that progressed this far feels rinse and repeat because content is stale. One Piece was damn creative. Marineford, Luffy's backstory, and Impel Down was heavy with drama, sacrifices, freedom, and family themes. Punk Hazard, my most recent arc I finished, explores the drug abuse. I didn't expect that.

  • Simulcasts - From HULU to Crunchyroll

As you know I only watch on legal streaming sites, I got to episode 619 or 620. I saw Crunchyroll started steaming One Piece from that episode count. When I jumped from Hulu to Crunchyroll, I notice a big difference in video quality on my PlayStation 3. I watched all my shows on the TV if a show isn't on my wiki project, episode summaries.

  • Fall 2013 - Finished Water Seven Arc and skipped Thriller Bark Arc.
  • Winter Break - Finished Impel Down arc, Marineford arc, and Luffy's backstory with Ace and Sabo arc
  • January - Mid March - Finished Mermaid Island Arc
  • Mid March - May 2, 2014 - Finished Punk Hazard Arc


I stopped at the beginning of the Meteor Garlic arc. I loved Toriko. It had a Willy Wonka feeling when the narrator talks about the wonders of the Gourmet World at the beginning of each episode. Komatsu, Toriko, and the gang grew on me. Toriko's lack of blood shed and censorship reminds me of Fairy Tail. I did skipped to Cooking Festival arc to provide screenshots for my wiki editing teammates. I did go back and rewatch the episodes I missed. I even watch the filler arcs like the Santa one. They were short, so I didn't notice the filler feeling.

I had said a lot of stuff about Toriko in my past blogs, so this is why my take on Toriko is short.

Well thank you fro reading. I rushed this blog because I need to work on papers. Plus, the site is glitching a lot, so I couldn't do lot of wiki editing today. This blog was fun to do. I do random blogs to unwind from the stress of school.

Please post blogs on shows you guys and gals are doing a marathon on this year or last year. It will be great to hear your experiences.

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Those are some hefty shows to tackle. However, I can never stress enough, the difference between the anime of Toriko and the manga of Toriko is huge. Also to be fair, the only major deaths that occurred in One Piece up until Marineford (which is around twice as far in as Toriko is currently long) were past deaths in Flashbacks before the start of the series. Anyway, one major anime I said I would tackle this year was all the Digimon series. That will be something. I should be able to make a blog on that.
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You're right that One Piece had those major deaths in the flashbacks. It was one of the examples I used to describe how emotionally visceral One Piece is. Toriko is a good series, but I didn't have any emotional attachment. It's my fun series to watch after One Piece get dark and gloomy.

If you have to choose between Toriko and One Piece, what would you choose, Taichokage?

You should start one on Digimon. I didn't know you weren't a Digimon. (dang it, a double negative) It would great to see how you got through and your thoughts on the different seasons. Digimon is a different beast from Pokemon by recreating new characters and new "game" mechanics for each season. I look forward to reading your future blog.

Then, we have two users, you and I, to start this trend. One series I left out was Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. I finished the 26 episode series. I'll leave it for another blog, Spring Recommendations since it was originally recommended by RubberLuffy in the discussion threads.

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That's a difficult question for me. I can put it this way. In my opinion, Toriko is superior relative for it's run. Given One Piece's roughly 3 times as long run, as a whole I might just value it a bit more even though I like Toriko a bit more. Like Yu Yu Hakusho and Bleach. I think Hakusho is superior but I value Bleach a bit more because it's almost the same, slightly lacking compared to Hakusho's execution, but it has around triple the total content.
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I see your point. I know One Piece and Bleach stretch our their arcs to avoid catching up to the manga. Toriko did pretty good up until the last few episodes. I love how Toriko's fights are short but fun while One Piece's fights are dragged out over a few episodes with too many interruptions.

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