Ani-Crap Review #3: Manyuu Hikenchou

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Note: Due to this ecchi garbage actually causing me to get nauseous in my viewing of it, this review is based only on my perceptions of the first three episodes since I didn't want to risk actually getting sick from watching it.
Manyuu Hikenchou is a 12-episode ecchi/ action TV series based on the ongoing manga series of the same name written by Hideki Yamada. The anime aired from July 12 to September 27 of this year, being censored in its airing on a number of Japanese TV stations. The manga has been published in the Tech Gian seinen manga magazine since March 24, 2007.
In Tokugawa shogunate era Japan, big breasts mean wealth, power and prestige for women while flat-chested ones are barely considered human. The Manyuu clan is responsible for bringing about this mentality to the era as they raise women with large boobs to be future influences in Japanese society. Being against her clan's beliefs in big boobs, clan successor Chifusa Manyu steals her family's prized scroll on secret techniques on how to grow big breasts and revolts against the society that the Manyu have contributed to. 

Notable Characters (from left to right)

  • Chifusa Manyu- The Manyu clan's successor who goes rogue when she steals her clan's secret scroll. A tomboy who mastered her clan's Breast Flow technique where she can literally steal the breast sizes of her female foes and make them her own. 
  • Kaede- Chifusa's attendant and close friend who is jealous of her friend's large breasts and tries to fondle them at any opportunity she can.
  • Kagefusa Manyu- Chifusa's busty older sister who approves of the Manyu clan's policies and was sent to hunt down her younger sister. Winds up being the first victim of Chifusa's Breast Flow technique.

Why It Sucks:
Manyu Hikenchou's most prominent focus is on the ridiculously large boobs that are prominent with female characters and the feudal era society in which the series is set in. The whole premise of the series, for the most part, is just one big excuse for its ecchi content to go into effect where breast fondling and jiggling, perverted middle-aged and old men and prominent display of the ridiculous jugulars being shown off either through clothing that would be considered way too skimpy in feudal era Japan or frontal nudity.

This ain't sexy, it's down right nauseous.
This ain't sexy, it's down right nauseous.

Adding to the absurdity of the show's premise is that a number of fighting techniques seen in the show revolve around boobs in some form, it makes half-assed attempts at drama from women being victims of their bust sizes being shrunk by Manyu clan members and it's quite offensive seeing women in this series favored just because of their ample bust appearance.

Much like Eiken, there's nothing sexy to get turned on with from this anime if you're an ecchi fan as seeing the ridiculous breast sizes in action from the women of this series is more disgusting than arousing to this reviewer and actually led his stomach to get queasy each time he seen the ridiculous monstrosities of nature prominently shown onscreen.

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I so glad, I didn't even give this a chance

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I saw about 5 seconds of it whilst troubleshooting one of the episodes and that was more than enough for me. I've seen series that do some of the same things that Manyuu models out through it's broadcast, (Seikon No Quaser, Queen's Blade, etc) but I don't think I've ever seen a series like that which blatantly did what all of the other ones did in the first 10 seconds of animation. In ten seconds it made my previous experiences look like children's cartoons by comparison. It sometimes feels as though each one of these series literally engages in a contest to see just how vile they can make themselves without being banned from TV.

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Well, I'm still going to check this out when I get to the season it aired in. I'm a sucker for some pointless boobie-flopping.

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@Dream: @Destinyheroknight: @Yuno_Shiki:

I read a review on this site, but I can't find it. I remember what he/ or she said about Manyuu Hikenchou. It's supposed to be a satire on how society places too much emphasis on beautiful women and their body. Like you said, the bigger the breasts, the higher the social status. Sadly, some societies in the real world work that.

In all this smutty fanservice, there's a lesson in this. Same for Seikon no Qwaser. I'm not going into again because I wrote that war rape thread. bad memories


I'm was reminded of those bobble breast toys on Ebay when you said "boobie-flopping." (or those mouse pads) I think this franchise would probably jump the wagon for that.

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@takashichea: That's social satire? There are better ways of doing that than making it into a gross-out ecchi comedy.
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