Ani-Crap Review #29: My Wife is a High School Girl

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And we have yet a third instance of this scenario happening again. Despite what people are saying, I'm not finding this next title I'm covering to be a dud. Dull and forgettable, yes. But anything in comparison to 26 of the 29 horrible titles I've covered for Ani-Crap, not so much. So I will be tweaking the review format for this posting slightly to account for my thoughts on this series. With that said, on with the review...

My Wife is a High School Girl is a 13-episode romance TV anime animated by Madhouse and aired from July 2 to September 24 of 2005. The series is based on a 13 volume manga series written by Hiyoko Kobayashi for the seinen magazine Young Jump.

The Plot

Got it bad! Got it bad! Got it bad! She's hot for teacher!
Got it bad! Got it bad! Got it bad! She's hot for teacher!

High school student Asami Onohara is secretly married to her physics teacher, Kyosuke Ichimaru. However while they are married, both have to deal with Asami's father forbidding sexual contact between them until Asami graduates and have to keep their relationship secret from others, a situation complicated from several people taking romantic interest in Asami and Kyosuke who are unaware of their relationship.

Notable Characters (from left to right)

  • Asami Onohara- A 17-year old high school student who is secretly the wife of Kyosuke Ichimaru. While a devoted wife to Kyosuke, she has the desire of wanting to consummate her relationship with him, yet these efforts are often thwarted by her father and others.
  • Kyosuke Ichimaru- Asami's physics teacher and her husband who tries being faithful to Asami despite two women taking interest in him.
  • Iwao Onohara- Asami's father who steps in to prevent any sexual developments from occurring in Asami and Kyosuke's relationship until the former graduates from school.
  • Azuki Mizunosaki- A promiscuous woman with a son named Sasuke and works at a nightclub. She takes a romantic interest in Kyosuke, yet backs off when she and Sasuke learn of his marriage to Asami.
  • Miss Iwasaki- A teacher and fellow co-worker at Asami and Kyosuke's school, who develops a romantic interest in the latter.
  • Kohei Iwasaki- Miss Iwasaki's younger brother with an obsession for photography whom develops a fascination with wanting to take pictures of Asami.

Personal Review

My Wife is a High School Girl follows a slice-of-life plot setup in its focus on the everyday developments that go on with Asami and Kyosuke's relationship. While seeming to be the type of premise you might expect of an ecchi-heavy anime, this series is tame with its fan service and sexual content with such scenes not being excessive in comparison to many recent ecchi offerings.

Wonder who the lucky guy getting a peek is.
Wonder who the lucky guy getting a peek is.

At the same time, there's plenty of wasted potential in terms of what the series could have focused on with Asami and Kyosuke's relationship. The series doesn't explore any of the societal ramifications of their teacher-student relationship nor does it explore how their relationship came about, especially how they convinced Asami's father to agree to their marriage. In addition, there are points where we see that Asami has the desire to consummate her relationship with Kyosuke, yet this element to their relationship never progresses.

My Wife is a High School Girl doesn't provide any major developments to occur with the premise or character developments that happen in Asami and Kyosuke's relationship. Events within the series are left “in the middle” and the only notable developments that take place within the series are a few characters learning of their relationship.

Pretty much, this show's biggest issue is that it lacks a major hook to engage fans beyond those who enjoy slice-of-life titles. It doesn't pander to the lowest of the anime fanbase because of its restrained sexual content, yet it also lacks a major hook that could appeal to a wider audience since it sticks with slice-of-life storytelling. While not the worst anime I've seen, the lack of any meaningful development or elements to engage many viewers make it rather forgettable fare as an anime title.

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Don't know if my memory is foggy, but I haven't seen a lot of anime or manga series with a female teacher and male student relationship not including hentai. There's a crap ton of those teacher fetish hentai stories. In American's society, the norm is usually older guys and younger women marrying. Sorry, if I got too sociologist on you. It's hard to comment on things I haven't seen yet. With every ani-crap review, the more I realized I'm a noob. Need to get out and watch more anime series.

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@takashichea: A fair number of anime and manga love to play with the teacher-student relationship or student/teacher crushing premises for storylines, laughs or perverted antics; serving either as a title's main plot with its major characters or subplot with the supporting cast. Of what I've seen:

  • Please Teacher
  • Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Marmalade Boy
  • Fruits Basket
  • Serial Experiments Lain
  • Bokurano
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena
  • Azumanga Daioh
  • Negima
  • Mahoromatic
  • Great Teacher Onizuka

I imagine if you consult Sonata, he'd likely come up with some hentai titles that use the setup as a cheap excuse for graphic sex and fetishes.

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