Ani-Crap Review #10: Garzey’s Wing

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Garzey’s Wing was a three-episode OVA series directed by acclaimed director of the Gundam franchise, Yoshiyuki Tomino, and animated by JC Staff. The series was released in in 1996 and 1997. Central Park Media would pick up licensing rights to Garzey’s Wing and release it on VHS and DVD in in 2000 and later issue a re-release of the series on DVD in 2005. While Central Park Media has been out of business for years now, Garzey’s Wing is still available in stock on major retail sites like Amazon and Rightstuf. 

      Our nude hero and wings from a giant duck, the start of the mess known as Garzey's Wing!
      Our nude hero and wings from a giant duck, the start of the mess known as Garzey's Wing!

The Premise 

Chris Chiaki is a college ronin who has half of his soul transferred to the parallel world of Byston Well. Here, Chris gains the power of Garzey’s Wing, magical wings that grant him the ability to fly and run quickly. In Byston Well, Chris is chosen to lead a rebellion of slaves from the Metomeus tribe for their freedom against the Ashigaba armies from the city of .

Notable Characters (from left to right)

  • Chris Chiaki- A college ronin who has half of his soul whisked to the world of Byston Well. With the other half of Chris’ body still on Earth, both are able to communicate telepathically with one another between worlds via the necklace they both have around their necks and share knowledge and pain that the other half experiences between the worlds they are in.   
  • Falan Fa- A fairy who accompanies Chris on his struggles in Byston Well and provides him with advice as he adjusts to his surroundings.    
  • Hassan- A Metomeus priestess who was responsible for summoning Chris to Byston Well.   
  • Leelince- A female warrior among the Metomeus who serves as another leader of the tribe and is jealous of the relationship between Chris and Hassan. 
  • Rumiko- Chris’ close friend on Earth who helps support him while the other half of his soul is in Byston Well.

Why It Sucks

Garzey’s Wing is one of anime’s most infamous messes in terms of properly laying out a cohesive plot and fleshing out its relevant elements, and for good reason.

The first five minutes of this dud sloppily set up the premise for the series at a breakneck pace and it is quite difficult to follow what goes on within that time. At first, this had me under the impression that Garzey’s Wing was some sort of compilation OVA for any ongoing source material made at the time like a manga or novel, until I researched and realized this was, regrettably, an original work which showed Yoshiyuki Tomino at his worst with directing.          

     One of many moments of Falan giving Chris a lecture with her obnoxious voice. 
     One of many moments of Falan giving Chris a lecture with her obnoxious voice. 

Even when the pace of the OVA settles down afterward, it still flows by at a very fast pace, enough where there is little time for any fleshing out of the title’s major elements and characters thanks to more focus being on the advancement of the plot. Garzey’s Wing is so ignorant of having time to flesh out its premise that it makes major elements of its premise such as the link between both of the Chris’s incoherent and jarring to follow thanks to the lack of time the series devotes in fleshing itself out. This was a series that would have been better executed if made into a TV anime, considering it was attempting to set itself up as an epic-scale medieval/ fantasy action anime in the style of 90s titles like Record of Lodoss War and Berserk.

The English dub to Garzey’s Wing is also worth mention in enhancing how horrifically bad it is. The script used for the dub was a literal translation of the original Japanese script to the point where it made a good number of the spoken lines from English voice actors sound awkward, unnatural and at times, laughable. Also, there was clearly little effort put by the voice actors in expressing their characters as they hardly emoted and delivered their lines rather flatly.

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I believe that Garzey’s Wing is the anime version of The Room. So bad, that it is good

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